What Women On Twitter Think About Older Men

Not every woman looks at older men the same way. Some women find them disgusting, while other women view them like their fathers. Some women, even, are interested in older men. And some just don’t care. What are women on twitter saying about older men?

1. Older Men Are Wiser – Er…Maybe Not

Older means wiser, right? Well, according to this woman (and probably many other women), that’s not always the case.

2. A Little More Life Focused

Some young guys really do seem obsessed with ridiculous stuff rather than their own lives. The older you get, the more you start to focus on what really matters, your life and happiness.

3. Older Men Are Not A Waste Of Time

This woman thinks that younger guys are a waste of time. I think any guy who doesn’t know what he wants or how to treat a woman could be viewed as a waste of time  – whether he is younger or older.

4. Older Really Does Equal Richer In Most Cases

Many women like their older men because they got more money – and many women like money that has got older men.  

5. Some Women Just Want An Older Man’s Money

The truth is that there are some women who will date older men just for their money and nothing else. This is a sad, but real truth.

6. Older Men Make Some Women Uncomfortable

We all know about ‘the stare’ that some older men do when a younger woman goes by, and some females are not that into it!


7. Some Women Really Love Older Men

I’m talking about really, really loving older men. Almost being obsessive about it. In fact, I saw quite a few women talk about their obsession with older men!

8. Some Women Could Be Swayed To Date Certain Older Men

Even a woman who does not desire older men on a normal basis could be swayed by the right man.


9. Some Women Will NEVER Like Older Men

In fact, thinking about dating an older man may make them get a little sick.

10. Older Men Often Know How To Treat A Woman

Going on a date with a young guy can be frustrating sometimes. But older men tend to have the whole date thing down.

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