Top 8 Reasons Women Desire A Man Who Can Play Guitar

If you’ve been thinking about learning an instrument – or just want a new skill that could attract women, you may want to learn to play guitar. While women tend to find men who play most instruments sexy, a man who can play the guitar seems to top the list. I’ve never seen a poll done where women chose anything other than guitar as the sexiest instrument to play. Piano often comes in as a close second, but still guitar seems to the top the list.

Top 8 Reasons Why Women Are Attracted To Man Who Can Play Guitar

So what do women find so attractive about a guy with a guitar?

1. He Appears Good With His Fingers

Watch the following guy play. His fingers are strong, fast, precise, and it’s hard not to imagine how strong, fast, and precise they could be in the bedroom. In short, it’s a turn on to watch a guy have so much control over his hands – the hands that will touch his woman, caress her, and please her.

2. He Appears Capable Of Emotions And Can Spark Emotions

Guys play songs they like on the guitar, but they also play songs that mean something to them. Therefore, watching a guy play guitar is a great way to understand what touches him, what he thinks about, and how he feels about certain issues.

A peek into a man’s emotional side is something that a lot of women don’t get right away, but it’s something that they all want to see. Of course, they don’t want a man who is too emotional (nobody wants that in their life), but knowing that a man is capable of emotions is a big plus for most women. It signifies that he will be compassionate, understanding, and caring.

And music sparks emotion in people, including women that you like. In fact, if you know what a woman is thinking about, you can spark an emotional response in her that makes her pay attention to you quickly. You can manipulate (in a good way) how she feels with a song that touches her thoughts and concerns at the moment.

3. He Can Be The Life Of The Party

A friend of mine didn’t notice a guy who was into her until he pulled out his guitar at an outdoor party they were having. They were all sitting around a fire, and he started playing a blues riff that got everyone singing a hilarious version of the blues. Every note he played made him more attractive, because he was at the heart of it all. Moreover, she says that she ended up seeing his emotional side because, after the blues sing-along was done, he started playing songs that obviously meant something to him and it was touching to watch.

In short, they started dating not long after and now she is married to him. He always says how glad he is that he brought his guitar that night!

4. He Just Appears More Appealing

A lot of guys think that the gym is where it is at to attract women, but a study published in Sage Journals, showed that women find men carrying a guitar case more attractive than men carrying a sports bag. Over 300 women were approached for their number by a guy holding either a guitar case, sports bag, or nothing, and guess who won out? The guitar guys!

In other words, just carrying the case around, and showing women that you can play guitar, is a turn on. Is it because women understand that guys who play guitar may be good with their fingers, capable of emotions, and the life of the party? Or does it just spark some inner desire to get with someone who knows how to create music? I don’t think it really matters. All that matters is that it works.

5. He Can Serenade A Woman

Playing a song specifically for a woman is the ultimate tribute to her. You can choose a song that speaks to how you feel about her. You can say all those things you want to say without actually saying them, and the effect on her will be the same! She will find it romantic and sexy when you play guitar specifically for her.

I wouldn’t recommend going to her window at night and singing to her, unless she really digs that kind of classic move. Although, it would be much better than holding a boom box over your head outside her window.

6. He’s Obviously Creative

Creativity is sexy. It symbolizes intelligence and a strong work ethic, and those are two things that women are looking for in a man. There are many different ways to show off your creativity, but we all know that even though you need to be creative to do things like draw blueprints, it’s not something that is going to stand out as an attractive quality to a lot of women – maybe some, but not a lot. Playing guitar is on a whole different level.

7.  He Can Spark Positive Feelings

If you can play some feel-good music, then you can make other people feel good, including women. If you are the one making them feel good through your guitar playing, then they will associate that good feeling with you. And, when you are making them feel good, they will want to be around you, know more about you, and give you the chance to continue to make them feel good.

Therefore, don’t play depressing songs around a woman. Since the music is an expression of you, the negative tone could have a negative impact on them which could cause them to view you in a negative way. Keep the music upbeat or meaningful rather than depressing.

8. He Has A Bad Boy And Sexy Vibe

Even if a guy playing guitar is not a bad boy, the image of a guy holding a guitar and playing still gives off a bad boy edge. There’s something about being able to play in a band and be a rock star that makes them seem more tempting than, say, a guy who plays the flute.

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  • I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, and now I have eight more reasons to do so.

    But to be honest, I don’t think that women think that guys who know how to play the guitar are good with their hands. On one hand you can claim that they are good with their fingers which is true, but on the other hand, you need to remember that guys that play the guitar also have right fingers from playing the guitar which is not that fun if you use your fingers in bed.

    Anyway, I think that the 3rd and 8th reasons are the main reasons behind why women love men that play the guitar.