Want Revenge On A Cheating Ex-Girlfriend?

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Want Revenge On a Cheating Ex-Girlfriend?

Did your ex-girlfriend cheat on you? Are you thinking about getting revenge on her in one way or another?

I was on a forum today and they were discussing whether or not a website devoted to posting pictures of a cheating ex, and then bashing them to go along with that picture, would be something that members were interested in. I’m not sure why the person was asking it – maybe they are thinking about creating an ex-bashing website, but, before you head over to that website to bash your ex-girlfriend, please read this post from beginning to end. Then make your decision.

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Does The Cheating Ex-Girlfriend Deserve That Kind Of Hate?

Yes, she did something horrible to you and cheated on you. That was not even close to a decent act.

But, was she a horrible person who deserves to be hated by everyone that sees her?

Did you have some good times together?

Did she make you happy – ever?

Did she help you out, support you, love you, or do anything else positive for you?

If you stop and think about the good things that happened in your relationship, and who she was at the core of it all, you may realize that she doesn’t deserve to burn on a stick for all eternity.

Cheating on you was a really bad thing, but you can move on knowing that you were not meant to be with her and let her do what she wants while you do what you want.


She Was Horrible And Deserves What She Gets!

So, maybe you thought about it and she wasn’t a nice person at all.

Maybe she used you, treated your poorly, abused you, and then to top it all off she cheated on you.

She doesn’t deserve a reward for that, that’s for sure. But do you have to be the one to pay her back?

Here’s the thing I have learned and seen over and over again in friends, family, and people who I talk to through my work: Holding onto hate makes you miserable. 

She cheated on you! She made you feel like shit and she hurt you. She’s already made you feel bad in some way, shape, or form. So, why would you want to give her any more control over your emotions?

By holding onto the hate, and being angry, sad, or any other negative emotion, you are giving her even more control over your life.

Yeah, But Posting How Horrible She Is Will Make Me Feel Better And Then I’ll Move On

Think that outing a cheating ex-girlfriend to the world will make you feel better? Try it. I dare you!

It may make you feel good as you talk about what a miserable woman she was and how no guy should touch her with a 10-foot pole.

You may even get a kick out of other guys putting her down and making fun of her picture or whatever else you disclosed.

But, eventually, that feeling of satisfaction will die out. In fact, once you find someone else, the chances are good your feelings for her – good or bad – will not be anywhere near as intense and she will become ancient history for you.

You will move on with your life while she is left there to be bashed over and over again. Is that something you really want to do to another human being?

Misery Attracts Misery

Chances are that the public post will come back to haunt you in the future.

Maybe your future girlfriend will find out what you did and break up with you for fear that you will do that to her. Or, maybe her father will find the post and it will affect his life and relationship with her. (Do you want to hurt the people around her or just her?)

Maybe her or her friends will find the post and plot their revenge on YOU. Soon you will be back in her miserable world and she will be controlling how you feel again.

Then, instead of moving on with your life in a happy and positive way, you will be stuck battling it out with a woman who is really not worth your time to battle with!

She will affect your relationships, stress level, and possibly even health. The abusive circle will continue until one of you let it go.

Is the satisfaction of telling other people about your cheating ex-girlfriend really worth all that?

Let Go Of Revenge On A Cheating Ex-Girlfriend

Why not let it go now and avoid the future pain? Why not make your future as fun and stress free as possible?

Sure, you may need some time to be angry and imagine getting revenge, but don’t act on it.

It is the best thing you can do for your happiness, health, and future.

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