How Twitter Can Teach You All About Women

Learn More About Women From Twitter

You’re on social networks anywase, you might as well learn about women there!

Do you use Twitter? I used to think it was a little bit useless, considering there were so many messages going through at once. That was before I learned a few tricks about using Twitter, and I now know that Twitter can help teach you about a lot of things, including women!

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Why Use Twitter To Learn About Women?

Yes, you can follow blogs and sign up to popular newsletters to receive updates. I highly recommend doing that. (Obviously, this is a blog!)

But Twitter allows you to get instant access to the latest news, insights, blogs, articles, and videos about a subject you are interested in, from a variety of people. In fact, according to Twitter’s stats, there are 271 million monthly active users. This means that even if the biggest expert is not tweeting their insights, someone else is probably going to tweet information they share in the way of videos or articles. And that means that it will eventually be findable on Twitter.

Personally, I use Twitter to research articles, come up with ideas, and follow certain topics to increase my knowledge around them. For instance, I use Twitter to follow the keyword ‘Lupus’, which is a disease that has affected someone in my family.

The beauty is that you can use Twitter to follow the latest buzz around any topic, including women. There are many tweeters and tweets that will help you do so. You can choose from what you like, ignore what you don’t, and quickly get some insight into your life around whatever topic you want to know more about.

Create A List Of People Who Tweet About Women-Related Stuff

Do you want to know what women want on a date? Great! Twitter can help you out.


Create a list and then watch it.

You can do this directly in Twitter, but I don’t. I use Hootsuite.

But if you want to do it in Twitter, go to your settings, then lists, and then create a new list, name it, and make it PRIVATE. From there, you can add people of interest to your list and check out your list once in a while to see if there is anything new you want to learn.

In Hootsuite, it is a bit different. (Note: Any list you create in Hootsuite will show up in your Twitter lists as well, so always make your lists private.)

There are a few ways to do this, but this is how I do it.

Go into your Hootsuite account. (Or create one for free if you don’t have one yet. Just click on ‘Sign Up’ and create a free account. It is all you need to do the following things I’m going to talk about.) Add your Twitter account to Hootsuite by clicking on ‘Add social network’ and then connecting with Twitter. Then, do the following:

  • Click on add stream
  • Choose lists out of the tab section
  • Select your Twitter profile
  • Click on ‘create a new list’
  • Name it something like, “What women want!”
  • Make it A PRIVATE LIST
  • Click on ‘add stream’
  • Go to the stream and click on the arrow pointing down
  • Enter in the name of someone you want to include in the list that commonly tweets about what subject you want to learn, such as @RelationshipCir and click add. When you click done, you will have a feed of tweets from the person you have included in the list.

From there on, you can add anyone you like to your list if their tweets are in line with what you want to learn.

Create A Keyword Stream on Hootsuite

Do you not want to follow someone, but rather keep up with a keyword about women. For instance, the keyword ‘dating women’? Then go into your Hootsuite profile and create a stream with 1-3 keywords by doing the following:

  • Click on add stream
  • Click on keyword in the tab section
  • Select the Twitter profile you want to put the stream in
  • Enter a keyword, such as ‘dating women’ and click add.
  • Add up to two more keywords of interest
  • Click on add stream

Note: You don’t have to make this private, because this stream is automatically just for your eyes in Hootsuite. This is one great thing about Hootsuite.

It’s Easy And Beneficial

It is super easy to skim through your list and check out anything of interest. Yes, you could just search for a keyword in Twitter, but this helps you create a list of three keywords that is constantly updated without you having to manually type in your search.

Plus, you can quickly retweet, reply, or assign users to a list from your Hootsuite stream. It just makes life easier.

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