The Top Secret Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You

Girls are so confusing that even the famous inspector Sherlock Holmes himself would have trouble identifying the signs your ex girlfriend still loves you. Honestly females have a terrible habit of showing you love the one moment, and then being angry with you the next moment, they send you so many mixed signals and that is when you are in a relationship.
Now when the relationship has ended and they have gone from your girlfriend to your ex girlfriend, things can get even more confusing than they were before if that is even possible. Your ex may go hot and cold with you until you really are at a real loss as to what is going on inside that brain of hers.

Signs Your Ex Girlfriend Still Loves You
Females are like complicated puzzles

Even though females may seem like a complicated puzzle there are ways to solve the puzzle. You will need to be open minded and completely prepared to dig deeper in order to get past her hard exterior. She may be even more stubborn now than she ever was before; this may make it increasingly hard to decipher what her real intentions may be.

Are there signs your ex girlfriend still loves you?

Even though as previously mentioned these signs may be very hard to detect, you will need to be prepared to take on this challenge in a true detective style. If you really want to discover the real signs that your ex still loves you, then you will need to be fully prepared.
Things you will need for your top secret mission:
• Patience
• A journal to log your findings
• An excellent ability to lie
• Basic Psychology
• Access to your ex girlfriend
• A good cell phone
• Money
• Alcohol
• Any item of hers you need to return

The secret formula

Now comes the hard part you will need to actually follow a secret formula to discover the set of clues which you will need. These clues will assist you in determining if she in fact still loves you or not.
This is what you will need to do, you will need to follow these steps and make use of any of the items listed to help you carry out your secret mission.

1. Find something of hers that you need to return, this can be anything. Obviously the bigger it is the more realistic it will look.
2. Send her a text that you will be in the area and that you would kindly like to drop off her belongings.
3. Once you arrive at her home or meeting place of her choosing, present her with the item or items that you wanted to return. It is important to ensure from the start that she sees the items immediately. You want her to feel that you have come for genuine reasons.
4. Be sure to give her a hug when you see her (monitor how she hugs you back)
5. Expect her to be a bit standoffish and cold.
6. Offer to buy her a drink or share a bottle of alcohol.
7. Tell her that you miss her and see what she says. (Secret digging)
8. Be sure to tell her how sorry you are for anything bad that happened between the two of you and assure her that you really regret it (women love to hear apologies)
9. Mention to her that you still love her and see what she says (secret answer)
10. Make sure you are warm and kind to her. No matter what she says don’t get upset or defensive as this will make her upset and defensive and eventually lead to incorrect information.

Evaluate your findings

Your findings can either go one of two ways, either she was honest with you and admitted to you that she still has strong feelings for you in which case you know she still loves you. She may even have admitted that she is still in love with you, in which case you have your question answered.
On the other hand, she may have lied to you, not because she doesn’t still love you, but because of pride, ego or her not wanting you to know how she really feels. If you know her well enough which you more than likely will, you will be able to put the pieces together after your encounter and make sense of all of it.

If all else fails

If all else fails and you still have been unable to complete your mission, consider sending her a text every so often until she eventually confesses her feelings to you. Hopefully one day she will be drunk enough or emotional enough to tell you the truth and with females you can be assured that the day will come.
Look out for some secret signs
• Texting you when she is out with her friends.
• Sending you messages late at night or before she goes to sleep.
• Finding excuses to have contact with you.
• Trying to make you insanely jealous.
• Continuously trying to find out where you are and what you are doing.
• Stalking your social media.
• Asking friends about you.

These are all signs your ex girlfriend still loves you and if you play your cards right, the chances are high that you may be able to win her back, remember to play it cool and to plan your next move ahead of time.


Girls are so confusing that even the most intuitive guys would have trouble identifying the signs your ex girlfriend still loves you.

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