Top Adult Dating Websites: How Can Your Sexual Needs Benefit?

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Why Would You Join An Adult Dating Website?

Adult dating websites are referred to as niche websites because they offer a very specific type of online dating experience. Unlike the average dating website where an individual signs up in hopes of finding a romantic match, adult dating websites allow their members to go straight to the hook up for sex or couples sex or other sexually orientated adult fun on their own terms.

Of course, you can also sign up and look for a romantic match with a certain type of person. It’s much harder to find a person with the same sexual desires you have offline than it is on an online adult site.

With members from all walks of life sharing the same objectives, adult dating websites offer an atmosphere that is both spirited and unrestrained.

It is also the perfect medium for providing individuals with the chance to openly pursue sex and sexual fantasies in a discreet manner. That means total access to women who know exactly what you want, which means no hurt feelings and the chance of having nasty rumors spread about you.

In short, adult dating websites are popular because they offer a resource that allows individuals to explore sex opportunities that may not otherwise exist in their local area or may just be too hard to find offline.

For example, while some adult dating websites offer a general venue for meeting an array of like-minded adults, like Adult Friendfinder, others websites take a more specific focus, like In fact, throughout the Internet there are adult dating websites for everything from swingers and swapping to gay and lesbian adventures. This is in addition to websites that explore numerous types of fetishes.

My point? Regardless of an individual’s sexual preference, there is likely an adult dating website that already has thousands if not millions of active members.

Features: Most Adult Dating Sites Are Just Like Typical Dating Sites

As well as providing an open venue for exploration, many of these websites offer top of the line technical features that make meeting and getting to know others simple and stress free.

Because of the nature of these websites, most tend to offer features that allow members to see each other up close and personal. This can be anything from webcam chat to public photo galleries. Sex should be with someone you are attracted to after all!

Other features commonly found on adult dating websites are blogs, forums, voice chat, video messaging, chat rooms and even onsite stores for finding adult videos, toys and lingerie. Some even offer event planners as well so that members can get together and meet locally if they so choose.

What To Expect On An Adult Site

A safe, lively atmosphere full of like-minded sex orientated people, combined with great technical features and thousands of verified profiles. In short, a wonderfully convenient alternative to using traditional methods for seeking out sex and adult fun.

The best part of all this is that choosing to use a website for adult dating means members can take control of their online dating experience and find just what they want, with who they want.

With all they have going for them, it is easy to see that adult dating websites are quite stimulating — in more ways than one.

5 Adult Dating Websites That Are Very Popular

As said, no matter what you are looking for, an adult site has probably been created already. There REALLY is an Adult Dating Website for everyone.

Following are 5 different adult websites that cater to different needs. Chances are you will find one that fits your needs perfectly. Note: The last one is more like a racy dating site where you can chat and do stuff online, and sexual needs is still the focus, so I thought it would appeal to a lot of single guys on here.

1. sets the standard in adult dating websites. This adult dating site has been up and running since 1996. (You have probably heard of it.) When I wrote about it a few years ago, it had over 20 million members. Now it has over 50 million members.

The site caters to an international clientele of all sexual preferences and desires. Singles and couples can create a profile and make use of audio or video messaging in addition to chat rooms to find like-minded matches for sex or adult fun. The site also works as a social networking site and encourages membership participation with forums, quizzes, polls and contests.

Click here for more.


This adult dating site matches members based on their compatibility preferences and offers a variety of affordable membership options.

It’s interesting that when I wrote about this site years ago, I found that most of the guys actually joined this site over other ones. You can meet people for adult fun, swinging, adult entertainment, and more. It is fairly cheap, especially if you do the 1 year route.

You can join for free, and with that membership, you can reply to messages and send a limited number of messages with smiles.

You can even broadcast yourself on a live webcam. To view live webcams (and there are a lot) you have to be a paying member. When I was on, there were couples and men broadcasting. You will have to check it out yourself to see if there are some women on there for you to watch.


If you are not looking to hook up with a woman, but wouldn’t mind watching a woman do her thing, then this is the kind of site you are looking for.

It’s kind of what you would imagine when you picture a name with cams in the title – and you will love it if you enjoy watching live girls on camera! There are tons of different girls to choose from, and you can even watch more than one girl or threesomes if you like.

You can search for which girl you would like to talk to, and watch, by preferences like hair color, age, race, kinky attributes, fetishes, language and more.


There used to be a bondage adult dating site, but for some reason, it’s gone. seems to have taken its place. So, think alternative and you will have a pretty good vision of what this site is about.

The members on this site are not afraid to explore their fantasies, and they are looking for a variety of encounters, including dating, romance, and friendship. This is perfect for someone who has some kinky fetishes but doesn’t know how to find someone with the same fetishes or even bring it up. Get on this website and you will easily find like-minded people.

As a free member, you can send instant messages, browse through profiles, and even chat. You can also ask questions and post answers through an interactive magazine they have.

As a paying member, you get all the tools you need to find that perfect match through search, chat, and more. If you are into an alternative lifestyle, then this adult dating site is for you.

5. Passion.Com

This is a new adult dating site to me. Their slogan is ‘Sexy Personals for Passionate Singles’. They are more like a dating site than any of the other sites on this list. You have to sign up, give your birthdate and your location, and write an introduction about yourself as well as a little bio, and then you have to activate your account. Your account will look like most standard dating accounts out there with a section to manage photos, see friends, see who flirted with you, see who hotlisted you, give gifts, and all kinds of stuff like that.

They have chat rooms, which had 703 people chatting when I checked it out. That’s all over the world, though, so your area may not have as many as some other areas.

They also had groups, such as ‘Girls watching guys on cam’ and ‘2 taboo for you’- those were the two most popular group chat rooms when I was on.

They even had a cyber sex room that had 54 people in it when I checked. I think that you could find at least one person to have cyber sex with.

And, they had a ‘hot shot contest’ when I was in there, which basically showed off creative and sexy photos of members.

You can join for free and check it out. But, just like regular dating sites, you can’t communicate with other members unless you pay for a membership. Then you can use the email, instant messenger, and video chat.

You can even set a filter to ‘no nudity’, ‘some nudity’, and ‘everything’. So, this makes it a great adult dating site for everyone from someone who just wants to find some passion without getting too crazy to someone who wants to get down and dirty.

There’s even a sex academy, which is supposed to help you improve your sex skills. Apparently, they teamed up with Penthouse to give you courses that help you have the kind of sexual success you want. As of this review, there are courses on anal sex, sexual positions, oral sex, sex women love, super sex appeal, discussions on porn, better sex techniques, sensual male orgasms, setting moods that seduce, meet more women online, and beginning butt love. Paying members get access to all the courses for free.

If You Have Needs, Use These Adult Sites

The bottom line is that if you have certain fetishes or just want to have sex without strings attached, then you can pick up women offline and try your luck with them, or you can go to places that have women who know what you are looking for and want the same thing. There is nothing wrong with joining an adult dating site. It is a way to find what you want, when you want it, without any hurt feelings or hassle.

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