Top 6 Reasons Women Moan In Bed

Why Do Women Moan In Bed?

Do you ever wonder why women moan in bed? Not a whimper, not a scream, but a moan. Apparently a lot of guys do! So, if you are one of those guys, let me tell you exactly why women moan in bed.

Top 6 Reasons Why Women Moan In Bed

Moan: a long, low sound made by a person expressing physical or mental suffering or sexual pleasure.

1. It Feels Good

Moaning is usually associated with pain or sorrow, but don’t worry – moaning in the bedroom is not a sign that she is feeling pain or sorrow with you…unless she is gagged and can’t tell you how she is feeling – then you could possibly be causing her pain.

You better work out a safe gesture for that.


Moaning is a natural sound that women make when they feel really good. If you make a woman feel that good in bed, then she may not be able to help herself and a moan may come out.

However, a natural moan during sex is not going to be extremely loud. A scream would be loud, but a moan will be soft to medium in volume.

2. She’s Seen It In Movies

In a porno, women moan loud and long. So, when women watch a porno – that guys tend to really like – they think that guys want to hear them moan like that too.

In fact, they think that if they don’t moan, their men won’t think they are as turned on as the women in the porno.

Bottom line: She could be moaning loudly because it’s what she thinks you want to hear.

3. She’s Pretending To Have An Orgasm

Women also moan during orgasm – but usually only when they are pretending to have one. It is a way to ‘put on a show’ and make the orgasm believable.

I can tell you that I have never heard of a woman naturally moaning like they do in the movies during orgasm. Of course, I haven’t heard every woman in bed, but I’ve talked to plenty of women and read the statistics, and it all lines up with what I’m saying.

“…recent studies have indicated that most [female copulatory vocalization] FCV in women does not accompany their own orgasm, but rather their partner’s ejaculation.” – Wikipedia

  • Some may whimper.
  • Some may scream in surprise.
  • Some may make no noise at all as they tense up and release.

But a moan is usually reserved for something that feels nice, not intense. An orgasm is intense.

In other words, moaning is pretty standard for faking an orgasm.

4. She’s Trying To Let You Know It Feels Good

You can tell by her body movements and sounds that she is enjoying sex, and she knows this. So, when she wants you to know that she is enjoying what you are doing, she will moan.

In fact, if she wants you to keep doing what you are doing, she will moan.

Moaning can be a sign that you are doing something right.

5. She Wants To Encourage You To Keep Going

Some aspects of foreplay can be pretty boring, and women know that a moan here or there will help you feel like you are doing something right and boost your confidence a bit. It’s an easy way to convey that you are doing a great job and you should keep putting in the effort.

6. She’s Trying To Move Things Along

If she’s starting to get bored, feel pain, or get anxious to do something else, then she may moan to try and move things along.

A woman will moan during the act of sex to help her man get more excited and reach orgasm. It’s her way of helping him feel good about what he is doing by letting him know thatshe is feeling good.

How Do You Know Which Moan Your Woman Is Making?

So, women moan for both real and fake reasons.

I want to clarify that some women may naturally moan louder than others, for whatever reason. How can you tell which of the above 6 reasons is causing your woman to moan?

First, remember that real moans are generally quietly done when something really feels good. So if you are purposely trying to make her feel good, and she lets out a soft to medium volume moan, then it is probably real.

Other than that, you have to have sex with her more than once and get to know her natural behaviors in bed.

Once you get a feel for how she acts in bed, you will be able to tell if she always moans in bed or only on occasions where she is in a rush or not feeling good (that’s a good thing that she’s trying to move things along).

If you feel that her moan is fake, don’t call her on it. She is most likely trying to make you feel good in bed, and if you call her on it, she will feel like her efforts have failed.

You don’t want to make her feel bad, you just want her to be real.

Therefore, tell her how much you love the fact that she can be real with you in the bedroom. The more you assure her that being real is all you want, the more she will be real.

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