Top 5 Reasons You Need To Use Sex Toys With Your Woman

I once had a boyfriend break my vibrator by throwing it on the floor and smashing it. He said he hated it, but he was really jealous of it. It could give me an orgasm and he couldn’t, but that’s only because he didn’t listen to me in the bedroom. In short, he blamed my vibrator for his inability to listen.

He’s not the only guy who hates sex toys. Many think that toys are doing something to their girlfriend that they can’t, so they skip the toys completely, which is a HUGE mistake. Sex toys can be a valuable part of any couple’s sex life, and they should be embraced, not shunned!

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Not convinced? Following are my top 5 reasons you should make sex toys your friend in the bedroom.

1. Orgasm Without Toys Can Be More Challenging

girl with sex toy on the bedIf you let your woman explore herself with a vibrator, she will figure out how to orgasm with it quickly. This comes in handy for you!

The problem is that orgasm through manual and oral stimulation is the most common way women have orgasm, but it can take forever if you are not consistently hitting the right spot at the right pressure. Moreover, if she’s worried about taking too long, then that stress can make the orgasm even harder to achieve.

With a vibrator, you can help her get off within minutes – sometimes seconds. This obviously comes in handy when you want to please her but don’t have a lot of time to do so.

Don’t let her go without getting her pleasure in too!

2. She Will Be Naughtier In The Bedroom

Sex toys force her to participate more in the bedroom. She will have to tell you what she wants, participate in role-playing, express concerns, dislikes, and likes, and be more active in the overall sexual experience. This is good for you and her. It helps her explore her sexual side more, be more open with you about what she wants, and be more willing to do things that may have made her uncomfortable otherwise. In short, more fun in the bedroom.

3. Masturbation Will Be With YOU In Mind

She may have a vibrator that she uses for masturbation, but when you make that vibrator a part of your sex life together, it and you will go hand-in-hand.

In other words, if you can rock her world with the vibrator, you will BE closely tied in with the way the vibrator makes her feel – and that includes orgasm. So, you will be there with her in the bedroom whether you are physically there or far away.

In addition, if you use other sex toys that really get her off during a particularly hot sex session, she will likely picture that scenario when she masturbates.

For example, if you use handcuffs and a blindfold, and it makes her lose control, then her imagination will take her to a similar scenario with you when she masturbates.

4. Your Relationship Will Improve

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Sex toys require communication. You both need to express when something is or isn’t working, and that kind of honest communication can add a whole other level to your out-of-bed relationship.

Sex toys also require trust. You both need to use them in a way that the other person is comfortable with. That trust will spill out to your everyday relationship as well.

Lastly, sex toys are something that is shared only between you. You are not going to tell your co-workers, friends, or family members about the latest sexual experience you had with your partners vibrator or spanking paddle. This kind of intimate secret will help you feel more connected than you do with other people. Plus, as you sit at your friend’s barbecue and imagine the naughty things you did with her last night, you will feel connected with her, whether she is there or not.

5. Sex Toys Can Help You Last Longer AND Give Her Pleasure

Sex toys are not all about foreplay and dildo sex.

You’ve probably heard that cock rings can help you last longer during sex, but did you know that you can buy them with attachments that pleasure her at the same time? In fact, there are many different types of these toys.

For instance, this one is for sale on Amazon, and it has a flickering tongue to go along with the ring.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – just because you can last a long time, it doesn’t mean that she is getting more pleasure from it. It can get boring and start to hurt if it lasts too long without pleasure for her, so…

The bottom line is, if you can last longer while giving her the type of stimulation she needs for orgasm, then you are going to have better sex.

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