Top 15 Types Of Women You Should Date To Help You Appreciate A Good Woman

There are some women that you shouldn’t be in a long term relationship with. Why? Because the relationship will suck with their mentality or habits. But, they can help you appreciate what you don’t and do want in a woman.

So, if you are interested, go out there and date some of the following women. Don’t commit to the relationship, just go out, have fun, and experience what you don’t want in a woman so you can appreciate a woman who has what you want.

1. The Lazy Woman

Lazy Woman Who Doesn't Want To Get Out Of Bed

This life is too short to be lazy all the time, and it is too short to date a lazy woman for a long time. If you have dreams and goals, then a lazy woman is not going to be able to keep up. And her laziness in one area of life can leak into other areas of life.

When a woman is too lazy to get a job, for instance, she may become too lazy to look after her health as well. This is because the habit of doing nothing can take over other habits. After all, it is much more fun to sit in front of the TV when you are lazy than it is to go out, work, or put effort into something.

Why date a lazy woman? Because you will learn how much of a drag she can be, and it will make you appreciate a woman who has the drive to get up and live her life to the fullest.

2. The Jealous Woman

Jealous Woman: A Woman You Want To Avoid

It takes a lot of mental and physical effort to be jealous all the time, and it can put a woman in a very negative state of being. A woman who is jealous makes up stories in her mind that she thinks are true.

For instance, if you go to the store, and you are dating a jealous woman, she may tell herself that you are really going to meet another woman for a quickie. That scenario is played out in her mind, her emotions are affected negatively be what she is picturing, and ultimately your relationship is affected negatively too.

Why date a jealous woman? Because you will appreciate trust on a whole new level.

3. The Bossy Woman

Why You Should Date A Controlling Woman

The chances are good that you have a few controlling people in your life who tell you what to do, when to do it, and why what you are currently doing is not good enough. There are plenty of controlling women out there who will also take on that role.

A controlling woman will try to change you into someone she wants you to be. She will try to make you feel as though your habits and beliefs are not good enough, and she will be exhausting to deal with.

She may even beat down your self-worth until you believe what she tells you.

Why date a controlling woman? Because you will HUGELY appreciate a woman who lets you be yourself.

4. The Really Free Spirit

Why Would You Want To Date A Free Spirited Woman?

I am all for free love and letting people who they want to be, but when a person chooses behaviors or views that goes against anything society has put in place, they can become just as rigid as the people they are fighting against. There are two extremes in the spectrum, and when you choose to take one side or another, it can get ugly – even if your goal is to live and let live.

Why date a free spirit? Because you will appreciate a woman with a balanced viewpoint on life without being stuck on one point or another.

5. The Outsider

A Woman Standing On The Outside Of The Group

Many outsiders like to think that they are on the outside because they have different beliefs, opinion, and habits, but the truth is that most outsiders just don’t know how to accept other people and cooperate with them. In other words, they have poor social skills.

Think about a woman like Oprah, who obviously has her own beliefs about life. She is able to fit in anywhere and talk to anyone. She doesn’t get put on the outside because she has social skills that help her see things from other people’s viewpoints and interact with different people in a way that is pleasing to them and herself.

Why date a woman who is on the outside? You will appreciate a woman with good social skills so much more.

6. The Victim Mentality

A Woman Who Feels Like A Victim

I am not talking about an actual victim of abuse here. I am talking about a woman who holds a victim mentality, as if her hands are tied when they really are not.

This is so common that I could probably find a victim personality just by walking out my front door right now and talking to a few people.

The problem is that when a woman has a victim mentality, and feels as though the world is out to get her, she will also feel like you are out to get her. She will complain, whine, and never take action towards feeling better. This type of personality is so draining. You will spend more time trying to make her feel better than you will actually spend being happy with her.

Why date a woman with a victim mentality? Because, you will appreciate a woman who takes action and moves through failure and hardship in her life with her head held high.

7. The Mean Woman

Why Date A Mean Woman?

People who are mean have deeper issues going on. Usually they are fearful of the world getting them before they get the world. They are out to protect themselves, and they usually don’t have a lot of understanding of how they affect other people – or desire to know how they affect other people. The bully and the bitch are two examples of mean women.

The problem is that a lot of people view being compassionate as weak. For instance, why let someone in front of you? It just shows that you are weak or the lesser person. Right? Wrong! It shows that you are a person who sees beyond your ego.

Why date a mean woman? Because a compassionate woman will seem less like a pushover and more like a positive contribution to this world.

8. The Know-It-All

The Know-It-All Woman: Why Date Her?

Nobody knows it all, but a know-it-all woman will think she does. She will be more than willing to tell you when you are wrong and why you are wrong, but she will NOT be willing to listen to things from your point of view. In other words, you will never be right!

Why date a know-it-all? Because you will appreciate a woman who has an open mind and is willing to see things from your point of view!

9. The Addictive Personality

Addictive Personality: Why You Should Date Her

Some women need to be addicted to something in order to feel normal. Addiction occurs when a person engages in a behavior – negative or positive – that interferes with their life in some way. It becomes their life, in many cases, their focus is often on the addiction rather than what is happening around them.

An addictive personality will affect your life negatively in many ways, depending on their addiction. For instance, stealing money is a big one. Not wanting to spend time with you because they would rather spend time on their addiction is also common. Lies, anger, hurt, pain, frustration, and more all are waiting for you with an addicted woman.

Why date an addicted personality? Because, you will appreciate a woman who is available for you instead of absorbed by her addiction.

10. The Egotistical Personality

An Egotistical Woman: Why Date Her?

A woman who is totally absorbed in herself is definitely one you want to experience. Often, this will be a beautiful woman with a beautiful body and a shitty attitude.

Her self-worth is often wrapped in how other people view her and how she views herself. In other words, appearance is so important that it can take over her life: her thoughts, her conversation, and her interactions.

An egotistical woman will constantly talk about herself and her appearance. She will find imperfections and dwell on them. And, she will be unable to see past the front of her own nose.

For instance, she may call herself fat around women who are actually overweight, without concern for how stupid she sounds because she is too focused on herself.

Why date an egotistical woman? You will appreciate a woman who can focus on things other than her appearance and herself.

11. The Air Head

An Airhead Woman: Why You Should Date Her?

Some people just seem to have heads full of air and not much else. I think of the movie idiocracy with this type of personality.

Airheads are women who just don’t give much thought to anything. They just seem to go along with life and whatever it tells them to do. For instance, even though it is obvious that 1+1=2, an airhead may not question it when someone says 1+1=3.

In addition, an airhead doesn’t understand that their actions and behaviors affect the world around them.

All of this results in a woman who doesn’t think too much, certainly not for themselves. Clueless would be a good term for this type of woman.

Why date an airhead? Because you will appreciate a more complicated woman who has some common sense and awareness about the world around her.

12. The Nerd

The Nerd: Why You Should Date Her

The nerd usually lacks social skills with many people, but they make up for it with a sense of passion about something. Some nerds are passionate about video games, some about numbers, and some about technology. The problem is that they tend to be focused on one or two aspects of life and don’t really get other aspects of life too well.

Why date a nerd? Because you will appreciate a well-rounded woman more.

13. The Constant Dieter

A Woman Who Is Constantly On A Diet: Why Date Her?

There is a reason that women think they are fat when they are not. But, a woman who takes it too far and becomes a constant dieter is annoying, frustrating, and unhappy.

She will complain about her weight all the time – no matter what she looks like. A 1-pound gain will be a cause for anger, tears, and no dinner! That of course will make her feel unhappy, and it will make you feel unhappy too.

And, it is very hard to deal with a woman who takes dieting too far and never actually enjoys food.

Why date a woman who is constantly dieting? Because you will appreciate a woman who appreciates food and doesn’t live according to calories.

14. The Fake Personality

Fake Woman: Why Should You Date Her?

Some women choose to conform themselves to what they think other people want to see, including their boyfriends. This means that you never actually get to see the real woman behind the fake personality, and she never actually gets to be fulfilled and happy because she never allows herself to be herself.

A woman like this will choose not to express her true feelings because she will be scared of upsetting you or others. For instance, instead of being angry, she may pretend to be happy. Instead of cutting off ties with unhealthy relationships, she may hold onto them and pretend everything is great.

That constriction that she puts on her life will put a damper on your relationship as well, and one day she may pull out the victim card and blame others for holding her in such a fake world rather than take the ownership on herself.

Why date a fake woman? Because instead of being annoyed by a woman who tells it like it is, you will appreciate her honesty.

15. The Woman Who Just Wants Sex

Woman Who Loves Sex: Why You Should Date Her

Not every woman wants a relationship! Some women just want to be sexual and enjoy that side of life with a guy. They don’t want commitment. They don’t want a boyfriend. They don’t want to have to answer to a guy. They just want to get their pleasure on.

Why should you date a woman who just wants sex? Because when you are ready for commitment, you will appreciate a woman who wants it all!

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