Top 5 Tips To Get A Woman Who Just Wants Sex

Get A Woman That Just Wants Sex

Some people, both men and women, just want to have sex without any strings attached. However, finding and getting a woman who just wants sex can be a bit difficult. Society tends to stigmatize women who want purely sexual relationships. As a result, these types of women tend to be more elusive about their intentions. Can you blame them? Men are the ones who make them feel bad for just wanting sex, and then wonder why they don’t want to admit that they just want sex to a man!

How To Get A Woman Who Just Wants Sex

If you want to attract and get a woman who just wants sex, then you are probably not a guy who discriminates anyone based on their sexual preferences. But, women don’t know that. So, how can you get a woman that just wants sex?

1. Do Not Be Afraid of Being Told No

Just as women are discriminated against for just wanting sex, so are men! That’s why most men make a big mistake when they just want to have sex. They will take a woman out on dates while their intention is to have sex with her and then dump her. But, this is a waste of time and money for a man, and it is a torturous situation for a woman who thinks the man is interested in her for more than just sex. It’s a stupid game that men who just want sex need to stop. As a man, one needs to be brave enough and approach this issue with courage.

As said, it is very rare that a woman will admit she just wants sex. In most cases, she will give sexually charged hints, but hold back her true intentions. There’s just more to lose for her. That’s why it is up to the man to be brave enough to say he just wants to have sex without the necessity of a relationship or even seeing her again.

A guy who does this might get rejected a number of times because many women don’t just want sex in their life, and some will still be scared to admit it. Therefore, getting used to the word ‘no’ is something that you have to be willing to do.

2. Look For Women On Dating Sites Geared Towards Sex

Numerous adult dating websites are full of horny women of all ages. Young women and cougars, whose sole purpose is to have sex with men, can be found there. There’s no need to wonder what their intentions are, which means no wasting time!

This is the ideal place for a man if he just wants sex. These adult websites will contain bios of women who outright say they are looking for men to have fun with and explain exactly what they are looking for and willing to do.

However, as with anything on the internet, one should be wary when meeting anyone for the first time. Some women are crazy. Some men are on there creating fake accounts pretending to be women. These are things you have to take precautions for, but still, this is the best place to find a guaranteed one-night-stand or continuous booty call.

Although these dating sites charge subscription fees, they are totally worth it. Think of it this way; you don’t have to pay for any more dates that lead to nothing! These sites work well for all men. It is almost guaranteed that one gets a few lucky hits with no attachments.

3. Work Out On A Regular Basis

Sorry guys, but this the cold hard truth. If a woman is going to agree to have sex with a random person, it is not going to be with a potbellied guy who has no respect for his body. That’s why men who just want sex with women need to stay in shape, which means working out on a regular basis.

As a result, if one approaches a decent woman who he actually wants to have sex with, he will have much more luck. Although women may be willing to throw caution to the wind for a wild romp, they will not do it with just anyone.

It is all about being able to position oneself in a way that leads women to find one as desirable as possible. That’s what sex is about after all – attraction and desire. This will include staying in great shape and dressing smartly. Yes, the way you dress matters! If you dress like a slob, there is no reason to expect to get any casual sex anytime soon. Most women are not attracted to that.

4. Be Sexually Confident

A woman who just wants sex wants a guy who is sexually confident, for the most part. There might be some domineering women out there that want an awkward man they can teach or train or whatever, but for the most part, you need to show a woman that you are confident in the bedroom and say and do the things that help you convince of her that.

This simply means knowledge and practice. Go out there and read things like The Language Of Lust or learn from guys like Jason Capital, and then practice, practice, practice. Persevering in your quest to find a woman who just wants sex means you have to be willing to learn how to be successful in doing so and put into action what you learn.

5. Do Not Probe Her Too Much On Her Inner Self

Women want casual sex for different reasons. Some just don’t want or have time for a commitment. Some may have low self-esteem and feel that they can’t get anything more than just a one-night-stand. And, some just went through a breakup and are ready to move on by getting back in the game with a quick night of really good sex – something they probably haven’t had for a while.

It doesn’t matter what the reasons are, a woman’s mental state does not warrant any emotional connection when she’s just looking for sex. Most men still feel the need to try to build some sort of connection thinking that’s what women want, but it’s really not when sex is the only objective.

When you start to try to build an emotional connection, then there is a good chance that a woman will start to feel emotionally connected to you, and that’s where she may change her mind and want more than just sex.

The best way to approach such a situation is to make it quite clear that you want to provide physical comfort and nothing else. If she accepts this, it is fine. However, if your advances are rejected, you saved yourself a lot of heartache and you can move on to the next woman.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Looking For Just Sex

Finding a woman who just wants sex is actually easier than most people think. Going about it the wrong way, however, means that many men tend to lose the opportunity for an emotionally-free sexual relationship or waste a lot of their time trying to get one.

Remember, safety first. This means always wearing protection with each encounter and having some plans in place in case you meet a crazy woman looking to take advantage of or hurt a guy who just wants sex.

Also, it is completely okay for a man to be distant emotionally with a woman who just wants sex. A man needs to stay focused on the objective of having sex and not be entangled in emotional stuff and risk adding more to the relationship than is actually there.

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