How One Guy Tried To Get This Girl’s Number

Get A Girl's Number And Make Her Feel Good

This is not me, but this is how I felt!

It’s funny because the other day I wrote a post on getting a girl’s number, and then the next day a guy actually tried to get my number using a technique I had never seen before. I’m not sure if he had heard about it, or he used what was happening to his advantage, but either way if I was a single girl, I would have gave him my number!

How One Guy Tried To Get This Girl’s Number

What happened was I went into a convenience store and was going to buy a lottery ticket, among a few other things. I asked the teller what time it was (because ticket sales for the day end at a certain time) and she pointed to her left without saying a word.

I assumed she was pointing to a clock, so I started to walk that way to see if I could find the clock and then I heard a man say, “It’s 6:30,” from somewhere behind me. I turned, smiled, and thanked him. I appreciated the gesture because he made my life just a tiny bit easier because I didn’t have to find the hidden clock. (In other words, I already felt good about him!) Then I was off to the lotto booth in the store to fill in my ticket.

As I was walking back to the teller to check out, I heard that man say, “Can I ask you something now?” I turned and looked and he was standing there looking at me nervously. I walked towards him and I could feel how nervous he was from his energy when I got closer to him.

Once we were closer together, he pulled out his phone and was kind of looking at it, so I assumed he was going to ask me for directions or something, but instead he said, “Can I have your number?”

I was shocked! That was the last thing I had expected him to say.

I quickly told him that I was married but that I was totally flattered – and I was!

I Would Have Gave Him My Number

If I had been single, I would have gave him my number in a heartbeat because:

1) I was shocked and barely knew what to say. The fact that I have a husband comes to mind right away for me, but if I had been single, I don’t think I would have said no because he totally caught me off guard and my politeness skills would have taken over.

2) He made me feel good. That’s probably one of the best things you can do to a girl if you are trying to win her over.

3) He tried to get my number in a really cool way. Seriously. He didn’t talk my ear off or act stupid.

4) He was direct. Being direct shows he was confident enough to go for it, and that is a sexy trait!

5) The favor wasn’t for something heavy like I expected, it was for something I could easily do. I really expected him to ask me for a favor where I had to do something or figure out something – but it was a nice light request, and that made me happy.

All in all, he did a good job of getting my attention and interest.

Great Technique For Guys Who Want A Girl’s Number But Don’t Want To Chat

He didn’t have to start up a conversation and he wouldn’t have had to do much talking with me afterwards if I had gave him my number because I was obviously on my way out of the store soon. That means this technique to get a girl’s number would be good for a guy who doesn’t want to have to think about what to say on the spot but still would like the number.

Bottom Line: If a girl ever asks you a question or someone else a question that you can answer, take the opportunity to say, “Can I ask you something now?” Then ask her for her number. It just may work!

Wondering what my husband thought about all of this? Fortunately, my husband was in the car. When I told him, he didn’t think it was as sweet as I did.

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