10 Things You May Not Want To Know About Your Penis (But Should)

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Your penis is there for life (for most guys), and the more you know about it and its health and future, the better prepared you will be. Following are some of the most interesting and enlightening articles I could find on penis health and other questions.

1. How Will Your Penis Age?

Most younger men don’t think about this, but the truth is that as you age, so will your penis. Whether or not you want to know, you really should take a look at what can happen as you age. At the very least, you will be thankful for the penis you have now.

Read this article by Men’s Health and learn about the droop, punctuation mark syndrome, erectile dysfunction, and even the risk of cancer.

2. How Would You Pee If Your Penis Got Cut Off?

I’ve been on a Game of Thrones marathon, and this thought has occurred to me more than once. Interestingly, I found an article that refers to a man who lost his penis and actually referred to it like a scene out of the Game of Thrones.

Sorry, I didn’t click on the graphic images. My imagination works well enough. But if you want to check out how he lost his penis and some graphic images, and learn how he pees and whether or not he can masturbate, then check out this article.

3. What Spots Are Normal To Find On The Penis?

This is important stuff. You should know this for your own sanity and future health.

Ever wonder if that pimple should be there and what you should do with it? This is the article for you. Not all issues need attention or treatment, but there are certain things that are not normal and warrant a trip to the doctor.

4. Can Men Have Yeast Infections?

I had written about this on a blog years ago, and I’m surprised that it is still an issue that many men believe can’t happen to them. I guess yeast infections are so closely associated with women that men just believe they are exempt, but that’s not the case!

The truth is that you can get a yeast infection, and this article talks about some signs and symptoms of it, as well as how to prevent and treat the yeast infection.

5. How Does My Penis Compare To The Largest Penis?

The largest penis in the world seems to be to Jonah Falcon. If you know of a larger penis, please correct me. So many guys want a bigger penis, but seeing him and his 13.5-inch penis may make you thankful for yours! Really, no woman is going to be okay with that – it’s just not cool.

As a bonus, listen to the Hodgetwins talk about it…

6. Can You Get A Penis Transplant?

If you ever lost your penis, you would want to know this – right? You may not want to think about it, and the chances of waking up with no penis are small, but it could happen. There is a possibility of it.

This successful penis transplant took 9 hours and the patient regained all of his sexual, urinary, and reproductive functions.

You will also learn why there is a greater need for this type of transplant in South Africa, and then likely be thankful that you don’t live there.

7. It Could Handle A Tattoo, If You Want One

I know how much a tattoo hurts. I have one on my outer thigh. So I can’t imagine anyone wanting to get a tattoo on their penis, but some men do. Is it even possible? Yep!

Here is some insight into how a penis tattoo is done from an interview with a tattoo artist. I found the reason that many guys get tattoos there interesting. They want to brand themselves to show their loyalty to their woman. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo for the same reason, I wouldn’t suggest it!

8. Your Penis Could Be Used To Detect Cheating

I found the following video from Steve Harvey. This takes the tattoo issue to a whole other level!

If other women hear this idea, you may be faced with a decision…do I have to do this or not? I’d say not! If you meet a woman who wants to do this to your penis – run. This is the weirdest story I’ve heard about a penis and a woman’s trust issues.

9. It Could Suffer Some Pretty Horrible Issues

For the most part, your penis seems pretty safe, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance of something horrible happening to it!

Want to avoid something horrible? Take a note from these penis stories that one doctor had the pleasure of attending to, and then protect it at all costs.

10. What Women Want To Know About It

Ever wonder what women want to know about your penis? I’m sure the above things are on their list to some extent, but here is an article that helps women understand your penis just a bit better, and also gives you some interesting facts to add to your knowledge bank.

Note: If you want to learn how to really use your penis in the bedroom, I highly recommend reading The Virtuso Lover by Michael Webb. You can never get enough tips when it comes to this stuff.

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