17 Things A Single Man Has To Be Grateful For

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

I’m single, so what is there to be grateful for? I hear this all the time on this site. Single men are focused on everything they lack and forget to focus on everything they have to be grateful for. Gratitude is definitely a way to start feeling good about life and enjoying it, whether you are single, married, or somewhere in between. Following are 17 things you can be grateful for, even if you are single.

1. You Can Read/Hear This Post (And Everything Else In Your Life)

Whether you are reading or hearing this post, it is definitely something to be grateful for. One of the greatest quotes I’ve heard is from Helen Keller, a deaf and blind woman who did some amazing things.

“Blindness separates people from things; deafness separates people from people.” ― Helen Keller

If you have both of these things, appreciate it. Take the time to really enjoy reading something you love or listening to someone you care about. Notice how you process the words, notice how people sound, notice how amazing it is that we can really get our point across to other people by tapping or moving our fingers, moving our mouth, or using gestures.

2. Everyone Who Has Influenced You Positively

Instead of focusing on the people who have hurt you, try focusing on the people who have influenced you positively. Maybe your mother, sister, teacher, or coworker. Maybe just a person that you passed by on the street one day who smiled at you at a time that you actually needed a smile.

I strongly believe that everyone who comes into our life comes in it for a reason. Even the negative people. I think they are there to teach us how to be happier and more fulfilled in life.

But, the people who influence us are the people who can help give us new awareness and turn our lives around forever. If there has been anyone like that in your life, then be grateful for that.

3. You Didn’t End Up With The Wrong Woman

If you are single, that means you have escaped the clutches of certain women. Is this really something to be grateful for? Hell yeah!

Some women end up looking sweet and tricking you into thinking that they would be perfect for you, but they are actually hiding a monster behind their facade and the poor guys who ended up getting into a relationship with them would do anything to be in your place right now. Anything!

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4. You Are Alive (Despite Your Close Encounters)

Cliché, but very true. You are breathing. You have the ability to experience life. A lot of people don’t have that anymore. In fact, I looked it up and found that there are 15 people dead for every person living. Source

Do you honestly think that if they could get back their lives they would spend it focused on the things they don’t have? No! They would focus on being able to see the sky again, breathe the air, and watch dumbass reality shows that have no meaning.

5. Everyone Who Has Ever Loved You

A lot of men don’t like being single because they feel lonely. They feel like they are lacking love and support in their life, and they feel like a woman is the answer to fulfill those voids.

If you feel like having a woman to love is so important, then you should be grateful for all the people who have loved you in your life, whether they are still there or not. Parents, siblings, family, friends, ex’s, and everyone else should be included in this. All love is that important, not just the love of a woman.

You received love from others. In fact, if you are alive, you have received love. Someone had to love you enough not to let you die when you were a baby and couldn’t take care of yourself. But, that’s reaching pretty far back.

The truth is that love is all around. It can be in the gesture from a stranger or from the kindness of a friend or family member. It can be from your church, community, or other group. You just have to look for it to be aware of it.

6. The Ability To Do What You Want

When you are single, you don’t have to answer to other people. I just wrote an article about long distance relationships and realized that there is one reason so many people enjoy them. They are able to live like a single person for a while.

In fact, I know a guy who spends about 11 months away from his wife per year, and he loves it. He doesn’t have to pick up after himself, he can cook what he wants, watch what he wants, go to bed when he wants, and go out when he wants. Those are real luxuries in life that get taken away when you get into a relationship, so be grateful for them while you can!

7. The Little Things That Make You Happy

There are things that you enjoy. For instance, I enjoy some really good scalloped potatoes (which are in the oven right now!). It could be food, it could be the moment when you walk in the door, or it could be the moment you get online and get to talk to some friends. There are tons of little things that make us feel good that we can’t wait to get doing, so list out those things and remember to feel a twinge of gratitude every time you get that twinge of excitement.

8. Good News

We are bombarded with so much negative news all the time that you should be grateful to hear good news when it comes. News that your family is doing well, news that the accident didn’t actually kill anyone, and news that good things are happening in the world are all things to be grateful for.

I think a lot of negativity comes from focusing on negative news. If you find yourself complaining more after you watch the news, then you may want to shut it off and start looking for positive news instead. This will help you develop a more positive mindset, and find more things to be grateful for as a single guy, instead of more things to be upset about.

Need some good news in your life? Check out the Good News Network.

9. The Ability To Change

Be grateful that you have choice to become smarter, healthier, more aware, more spiritual, less spiritual, or whatever you want. You have access to all the information you need online, and you can literally learn whatever you want and choose to change whatever you want with that knowledge.

A lot of people don’t get the choice to change. They have to be a certain way or they will be shamed. They don’t get to learn new things or access new information like you do, so be grateful every time you read something or learn something new.

10. The Possibilities In Life

Each moment provides a moment where things could change drastically. You are not doomed to live this moment forever. Unexpected wins. Unexpected people. Unexpected ANYTHING can come into your life, and when it does, your whole life can change.

This is where hope comes in. I suppose it could be a separate point on what to be grateful for, but for now, appreciate the fact that life doesn’t have to stay stagnant. If you’re not in jail for life, then you have a lot of possibilities in front of you. (Sorry guys in jail!)

11. You Were Born

Along with the fact that you are not dead, you were also born. There are about 200-600 million sperm in a normal ejaculation. Only one got to enter the egg and fertilize it. Why is this important? Studies have shown that every single sperm cell from the same man have big differences genetically!

Scientists have obtained genetic blueprints of almost 100 sperm from a single individual. The results confirm what scientists already know, that every sperm is different because of the way their inherited DNA is shuffled. – Source

So, be thankful that you are the one who was born and not some other possibility.

12. You Are Still (Fill In Your Age)

It’s interesting to me that everyone says, “I’m already 40!” I think the way to look at it is that you are “only 40!” The average lifespan in the states is 76, so 40 gives you a lot of time to do something pretty amazing things. And, you may outlive the average lifespan. With some good genetics, good habits, and a grateful attitude, you can keep yourself going for a quite a while in this day and age. So, be grateful that you are only (fill in your age), and focus on what you can do in your time left.

13. The Good That Resides In Every Bad

I was talking to a guy the other day and he was complaining that he is 40 and still living with his parents. While he was focused on the negative, I was focused on the positive – he was ONLY 40 and he had parents who cared about him enough to put a roof over his head. He had food, a warm bed, and a TV to watch. He had someone to talk to. He had someone to laugh with. And, he had someone to come home to every night. When I told him that, he said, “I never thought it about it that way,” and he instantly started naming off some other things that he had to be grateful for.

Once you see the positive side of any situation, even if it is bad, you can easily find a ton of stuff to appreciate. The next time you focus on something negative, try to find something (even something tiny) that is actually a positive, and then focus on that aspect instead of the negative.

14. You Have The Power To Help Make This World A Better Place

Even if you are broke, you can give back to this world through your energy and time. Volunteering, taking some time to answer someone on a forum and give them a positive message, or just smiling at someone as you pass by them are all ways you can make this world better.

Little acts of kindness are what propel other people to do good things. So, one act of kindness from you today could reach a million people by the end of the day. You don’t know who you are affecting and how many people will feel the impact, but you can be grateful that you have enough power to help make the world a better place through just some simple acts of kindness.

15. You Can Choose Your Attitude Towards Yourself

While everyone else decides how they are going to feel about you, the choice on how you feel about yourself is up to you. It doesn’t matter what people say or do. It doesn’t matter how many people bully you. You have a choice to develop a positive attitude about yourself and what you do in this world, and, consequently, that affects how other people see you too. One of the best examples of this is Nick Vujicic. Go ahead and give his message a listen!

16. You Have Skills

Everyone is born with some skill. Maybe you are a good listener or a good talker or a good programmer or a good…well, you get the picture. The fact is that you probably have some skills that a lot of other people don’t have. Be grateful for those things that you were blessed with, and if you can use them to make a difference in other people’s lives, then do it. I guarantee if you do that, you will be super grateful for your skills!

17. You Are Better Off Than Others

If you really can’t find anything to be grateful for, then think about this: there are people worse off than you. That is something to appreciate. You don’t need to meet someone with less than you to experience this fact. You need to meet someone with more than you.

When someone who has the perfect marriage (or whatever else you want) starts to complain about their life and you think, “You have it so good!” then you will be tuned into the fact that there is ALWAYS someone who has it worse off than you.

However, I want to point out that just because someone has less than you doesn’t make you better off than them. If someone has an attitude of gratitude, and you don’t, then I would say they definitely have it better than you because they are not surrounded with negative thoughts and emotions that get in their way of enjoying what they do have.

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