The One Thing All Women Are Looking For In A Man

What's The One Thing That All Women Want? Great Sex!

What’s The One Thing That All Women Want? Great Sex!

I was scrolling through the Language of Lust Program, and one of the things that stood out to me was when Lawrence said that all women love great sex. While the content around that point made a lot of sense, including how women don’t want to be seen as whores so they don’t always show how much they like sex, the GREAT part of it really stood out to me.

Great Sex Is Important To A Relationship

Despite what some men believe, women want great sex. Women are extremely sensual and sexual beings, and they can be turned on easily by the right words, fantasy, or guy. If you don’t believe me, just ask the writers who are making their living from women buying their erotic novels!

Also, women want to feel that connection with a man and feel sexy, wanted, desired, passionate…It’s an important part of staying excited about a man and a relationship.

All Women Want An Orgasm

An orgasm isn’t essential every time you have sex. It can be hard to bring a woman to orgasm, so women get that it may not be in the cards every single time you hop into bed. But, more often than not it is expected.

I know so many women who haven’t even had an orgasm from their men, and yet their men expect them to get all excited to have sex with them. Why the heck would they expect that?

Can you imagine never having an orgasm when you have sex? How excited would you be to get into bed again and again and again?

All Women Want A Guy Who Has Sexual Appeal

Are you confident when you have sex? If you are, then you probably have a ton of sexual appeal, and women really, really like that. 

Getting into bed with a guy who doesn’t have the confidence to rock a woman’s world sucks.

Again, why would a woman want to get into bed with someone who can’t talk dirty, take control, give up control if need be, or play out a woman’s fantasies?

“Great sex is the appetizer to winning me over.”

Posted by Elite Daily on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

All Women Want To Let Loose In The Bedroom

The bedroom is a place where you and a woman should feel safe to explore, play out fantasies, and get really sensual and lost in the moment. Yet, that doesn’t always happen.

As a woman, I know how easy it is to get lost in thought in the bedroom. Responsibilities, commitments, and even hormones (it’s a part of life for women!) can get in the way of really staying present in the moment and letting loose.

That’s why having a man who is great in the bedroom is so important. He can keep a woman engaged.

He can make a woman feel attractive, no matter how she feels about her body.

He also knows when to say something dirty, when to touch her, when to move on to another spot, and when NOT to move on to another spot!

All Women Want Great Sex

In short, while there are many different things that women look for in a man, all women are looking for a man who can have great sex. That’s what separates the friend from the lover.

If you are not confident in the bedroom, then that is one skill you need to work on. Not sure where to start? The Language of Lust is definitely one program that can help. Read my review about the Language of Lust here.

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