The Language Of Lust Review: Helping All Men Have More And Better Sex

The Language of Lust Creates Actual Lust

There are NOT a lot of reputable programs or manuals out there focused on getting women to want you, so when I heard about the Language of Lust, by Lawrence Lanoff, and backed by Digital Romance, I really wanted to check out what it was about.

Here’s the thing – the first thing I saw was the usual cheesy line that you will learn a secret that will make you the most wanted man on Earth! And that is a hard pill for me to swallow, as I’m sure it is for you.

Too many men hear that this book or this program or this service is going to be the one that gets them endless dates and endless sex, and then the product fails to deliver.

But, there are some good ones, and after reading the entire program and hearing guy’s experiences with it, I know that this is one of them. The guy behind it has been around for a long time and has a very good grasp on sexuality and lust.

Plus, you don’t need to change in order to have success with this information. You don’t need to gain more confidence or develop some new skills that drive women crazy – all you need to do is learn the Language of Lust and use it.

You don’t need to change something about yourself in order to have success with the information inside the Language of Lust.

So, you can…

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Or, before you check it out for yourself, keep reading to find out if it is something you want to check out at all.

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What Is The Language Of Lust?

In short, it is 33 techniques to help you make women want you.

The longer version? Language of Lust is a program to help you get into her mind (very important) and her imagination (equally important) simply by sending her the right messages.

This goes back to something you have heard me talk about lots – words have power, and they can turn a woman on or turn her off. (You have probably experienced that many times yourself!)

If you don’t know how to get into the mind of a woman, you need to learn, and the Language of Lust is a guide that can really help you crank up your conversations and influence with women!

For instance, I’ve talked about how important texting is to create attraction, but this program will help you use text to get at her imagination and have her playing out her very own porn movie, where she is completely willing to do anything you want.

Sounds good, right?

All of the techniques/teachings in the program are a way to get into her mind and draw her to you.

In fact, some techniques make her feel as though she has been intimate with you already. I can tell you that when a woman feels intimately connected to you, she’s most likely going to stick around.

It’s all organized in a member’s area where you can access all the information whenever you want. You can rate the content and on some articles you can comment (you can read other’s comments as well), ask a question, leave an answer, or make a suggestion.

Busting Sexual Myths

One of the things I like about Language of Lust is that it takes down some sexual myths that hold men hostage when it comes to women.

I know that many men who I talk to have negative perceptions about women and what they want in a man – and what they want when it comes to sex, and those are holding them back from a having a great sex life. The Language of Lust tackles some of these negative perceptions.

For instance, have you ever heard of the Madonna Whore Complex? How it affects your sex life is explained in this program, and it is vital to know if you want to bust some sexual myths that you are holding onto (thanks to many other men in your life who believe them too!) You will learn how to destroy these beliefs forever.

But it goes beyond changing perceptions about women. If you lack confidence in your ability to attract women and have sex with them, then The Language of Lust will help you deal with your negative perceptions about yourself as well. This information works for single men and men in a relationship.

You also get some bonuses…

As far as I’m concerned, every good product has a bonus to complement the main aspect, which is exactly what the Language of Lust offers.

Bonus 1: Help to get a threesome

Words are powerful. They can be powerful enough to convince a woman that she wants to get intimate with another woman. Sounds crazy? Well, this bonus will help you reach into a woman’s mind and awaken that lustful woman that you watch on the Game of Thrones and wish you had for yourself.

Bonus 2: Insight to get her to watch porn

Want a woman to watch porn with you? Do you want to play out your favorite scenes? This bonus will help you do both of those things.

Bonus 3: Insight to texting dirty

You know how to text and make her laugh, but do you know how to turn her on? If not, this is a bonus that will give you over 200 proven texts to turn her on and get her warmed up for when you meet again.

Who Created The Language Of Lust?

The guy behind the program is named Lawrence Lanoff, and he’s got some experience behind him at 50 years of age. He says that he is referred to as ‘The Darth Vader of Dirty Talk” by men and women, so of course I googled him.

When I did, the first picture I saw was him in a sensual pose with a woman, and the page it was on was for something called energetic intimacy.

Apparently it was for an event (that cost $397) where the focus was allowing sexual impulses to be free flowing, and exploring sexual energy in an energetic way.

He is a Tantric Life Coach for both men and women, and on his Twitter account, he says the following:

I am a compassionate filmmaker, social-satirist-sex-pundit and best selling author who questions our cultural myths about love, sex and religion. – Lawrence Lanoff

What I Really Like

The language of lust focuses on getting into a woman’s mind and affecting her emotional state towards you. If you know anything about thoughts, you know that they have a profound effect on how you view the world and the people around you. This manual helps you use your words to get her to view you in a sexual way, which is exactly what you need to attract her.

You don’t need to change yourself before this will work. You don’t need to become more confident or more daring! You also don’t need to turn into a jerk to use this information to your advantage. You simply need to learn why this ‘language’ is so powerful and how it will help you get into the minds of women – in a good way.

This works for single men or men who are in a relationship. The beautiful thing is that men are men and women are women. It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, or married to a woman, you can use these techniques to help you succeed with the women who come into your life, or with women who are already in your life.

The bonuses are pretty awesome – especially the text bonus. Not every guy is going to want to have a threesome with a woman, but every guy is going to text a woman at some point or another. If you want the power to turn her on, then you will get it here.


  • It is instantly downloadable, which means you could be reading this stuff within minutes from now
  • It is written by someone who has experience and success to stand behind his name and his claim that his techniques will work for you
  • It’s not about tricks or games. It’s about using your words (which you would use anyway) in a way that makes a woman’s mind pay attention.
  • There’s a money back guarantee

What I Don’t Like

Maybe it’s a woman thing, but the threesome thing kind of freaks me out. If you can convince a woman that SHE wants a threesome, then you could be setting yourself up to lose her. If she starts to crave women, why would she need you? But then again, if you are inside her mind and giving her what she needs, why would she want a woman? In any case, the threesome thing may be something you will want to learn about, but use with caution just in case.

Should You Check It Out?

Yep. When you learn how to talk to a woman in a way that makes her lust after you, you pretty much hold the key to success with women now and in the future.

Bottom line: When you understand a woman’s mind, you will have much more success with her in and out of bed.

The manual comes with a money back guarantee (as of this review it is 60 days). So, if you do not find yourself have more or better sex, simply ask for your money back. You have nothing to lose. BUT if it works, this will be one of those things you will never regret buying to step up your success with women.

You owe it to yourself, your dating life, and your sex life to at least check it out. Check out the Language of Lust here.

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