Tapping Your Way Into Love: Everyone Can Do This Type Of Tapping

Tapping your way into love

The points that you have to tap

I’m not talking about tapping, as in dancing. I’m talking about what is called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping. If you have followed me, you know that I am a fan of energy and body work, and this is just another method of realigning your vibration towards the life (or love) that you want.

Tapping can help you work through through negative issues by restoring your body’s energy system while implementing positive affirmations at the same time. It can help you unblock negative thoughts that are holding you back from finding the love you want and receiving the love your deserve (and maybe even giving the love you should give.)

The belief is that the cause of negative emotions stems from the disruption of the body’s energy system, so realigning it back to good health can cause positive emotions to flow more easily.

Skeptical Of Tapping? Try It Anyway! We Are Talking About Love!

Listen, you got nothing to lose. If you try tapping and it doesn’t resonate with you or work, then there is no harm done.

You will not look like a fool while doing it. You can do tapping in the privacy of your own home or in a bathroom stall if you are out, and it doesn’t take very long to do.

You might as well give it a try if you have been struggling with any type of emotional blockages that have held you back from getting or keeping a loving relationship. For instance:

  • Fear of love
  • Holding on to past grudges around love
  • Abandonment issues that hold you back from letting love in
  • Unexplained inability to allow love into your life
  • Not loving yourself

Love is your birthright, and there is nothing better than being unconditionally loved by someone – especially in an intimate way. Therefore, if love has been escaping you, for whatever reason, then trying something new can only help you out (or at the very least not change anything), but doing nothing will ensure that nothing changes or everything gets worse.

Introduction Into Tapping

If you trust acupuncture or acupressure, then tapping will be a logical next step for you. I figured that I should post a video on tapping so that you can get a sense of what it is and how it works.

Here’s an explanation of what tapping is and how to do it. (The guy in the video kind of looks like Robert Carradine, from revenge of the nerds. But, he is actually Brad Yates, an internally-known EFT practitioner.)

Tapping For Love

So, we know that tapping can help your energy start to move correctly again and help you get your focus off negative thoughts and on to more empowering thoughts. If you have been blocking love from coming into your life, the following video can help you tap your way into allowing love into your life.

If you did the tapping sequence, share what you felt in the comment below. Did you feel better after doing it? Did you feel more positive? Or did you feel something else? Or nothing? Please share.

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