Does She Suck On Facebook? You Should Still Give Her A Chance!

Mixed Messages on Facebook From Girl

Do you really dislike her on Facebook?

This is going to be a simple, short, but IMPORTANT post on mixed messages involving Facebook. Not long ago I wrote about how hard it is to text a woman and send the right message, but texting is not the only area where signals can be misread. Facebook and other social sites have the potential to send mixed messages and showcase yourself in a really bad light. And women don’t escape that trap!

In General, Do Women On Facebook Send Mixed Messages To You?

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Does She Suck On Facebook?

If you meet a woman on Facebook that kind of catches your attention – or maybe even find an old interest on Facebook after some period of time – and she is absolutely boring, dull, and unwitty, then should you avoid her? Hell no!

Yes, there is a chance that she is that boring and sucks that bad, but there is also a chance that her social profile doesn’t really showcase the real her or her intents.

For instance, there was this one guy who messaged a woman on Facebook that he was interested in, and he asked her out on a date. She never replied so he assumed she was not interested. About a month later he got a message saying, “Sorry, I didn’t see this. When I have the time, a date would be cool.” He was obviously confused by the message and the time it took to reply, but here’s my thought about it:

  • She really doesn’t use her Facebook account a lot
  • She actually did miss the message
  • She wouldn’t have replied if she had actually be ignoring his message
  • She’s trying to sound casual about the date, but it is coming off as disinterested

Only going out with her will tell if she really is a Facebook klutz that sends messages that are the exact opposite of what she means, or if she is really not interested in him and, for whatever reason, sent him a message back.

Give Her A Chance If You’re Interested

I had a friend who was horrible with writing. Her messages sounded rude, arrogant, and a bit unintelligent. In real life, she was compassionate, funny, thoughtful, and intelligent, but for whatever reason her writing sucked really, really bad. She was incapable of putting her true thoughts down in an email (this was before Facebook!) and I always used that to my advantage when we got into an argument because she wasn’t able to express herself properly. (Not cool, I know)

But my point is that not everyone is their best self through text messages, on Facebook, or anywhere else where writing is involved.

If you like her, and your gut tells you to give her a chance – then go for it!


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