Here’s Why Subliminal Messages From Subliminal Guru Can Improve Your Entire Life

Subliminal Guru Can Help Change Your Reality!

Subliminal Guru Can Help Change Your Reality!

Are you interested in subliminal messages? Before Subliminal Guru, I knew that there could be subliminal messages inside of commercials, but I wasn’t really aware of what they were and what they could do. Now, I know that they can actually help improve your life in all areas. In fact, the Subliminal Guru is my favorite place to go to for subliminal messages that can help you have a better life by accessing your subconscious and promoting change. But, my Subliminal Guru review is later – first, let’s talk about what these subliminal messages are all about.

Subconscious: of or concerning the part of the mind of which one is not fully aware but which influences one’s actions and feelings.

Subliminal messages can change your thoughts and your life by tapping into your subconscious. In reality, your life can only start to change when you start to perceive things in a different way and adopt new beliefs, and that’s how these messages work. They help you to form new beliefs by feeding you the messages, through your subconscious, over and over again until you adopt them into your life.

How Do Subliminal Messages Work?

You HAVE to watch this guy talk about subliminal messages. It’s 10 minutes long, but it will FLY by because it so interesting.

Seriously, if you are interested in this topic, then this is a very cool video that covers how subliminal messages work and some of the history (and possible future) of using messages in cartoons and advertising.

Subliminal messages can exaggerate what you really want. That means it isn’t a far stretch that using subliminal audios to help exaggerate positive desires like your desire to quit smoking, study more, be happier, etc., has a huge potential to work.

In other words…

Subliminal Messages Can Be Used For Good – And Subliminal Guru Offers Awesome Quality

If you have been looking for positive affirmations in the form of subliminal messages, then I highly recommend checking out this subliminal message site called Subliminal Guru. Why? Because Subliminal Guru rocks!

To start, Subliminal Guru has 350 different types of subliminal MP3s based around different aspects of life that you may want to improve.

For example, you can find subliminal MP3s on:

  • Health issues like sticking to your diet or eating healthy foods
  • Body issues like losing weight or getting bigger muscles
  • Sleep issues like waking up early or stopping nightmares
  • Mental issues like thinking bigger or boosting your IQ
  • Emotional issues like letting go of regrets or overcoming loneliness
  • Personal power issues like becoming more motivated or being a better communicator
  • Enriching your life issues like attracting more money or saying yes more
  • Business issues like being a natural leader or negotiating better
  • Habitual issues like stopping nail biting or stopping thumb sucking
  • Addiction issues like overcoming coffee addiction or stopping social network addiction
  • Phobia issues like overcoming the fear of rejection or overcoming fear of commitment
  • Illness issues like improving poor circulation or lowering your blood pressure
  • Love and marriage issues like finding your soul mate or mending a broken heart
  • Adult issues like becoming the Alpha male or being a more confident lover
  • Parental issues like bonding with your baby or being a confident parent
  • Skill issues like speed reading or learning Italian
  • Music and art issues like becoming a writer or improving your dancing skills to impress the ladies
  • Sports issues like becoming a winner or overcoming pre-game nerves

And that is just the SHORT list of targeted subliminal MP3’s that you have to choose from. 

I love Subliminal Guru for a couple more reasons:

1. They offer 14 different downloads for each subliminal topic

For instance, I have the Master The Law Of Attraction Subliminal MP3 and there are 14 different choices for me to choose from. I can choose to listen to a subliminal MP3 that has music to match my mood, brown noise, or just has the words spoken. Moreover, I can choose whether or not I want brainwave technology to be used or not.

2. They Use Brainwave Entrainment In Their Subliminal MP3s

This is not as scary as it sounds! Throughout our day, our brains naturally go in and out of various frequencies. There are five main frequencies, including Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, and Gamma. Many popular programs, like the Silva System use brain entrainment methods to put you into a more relaxed state, such as the Alpha or Theta state, where healing and change can happen.

In other words, don’t choose the brainwave entrainment option if you need to stay alert. They are beneficial for relaxing you and getting you into a quieter mode, which is not something you want to do just before a first date or a long run.

3. They Offer A Money Back Guarantee

Subliminal Guru believes that you will be satisfied with their products, so much so that they swallow the risk and offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Personally, I can’t see many people not being happy with these subliminal MP3’s. They are 10 minutes long each, and I have noticed a huge difference in the areas that I am using them for.

4. You Can Buy Bundles

Maybe you want a few different subliminal MP3’s to help you really achieve the results you are going after. Well, they got bundles for that!

For instance, if you want to lead a happier life, there is a bundle that includes 4 separate subliminal MP3’s, including Be Happier, Learn To Accept Yourself, Find Your Life Purpose, and Attract Happiness.

5. You Can Create A Custom Album

This is very cool. If you can’t find a subliminal MP3 or bundle that fits your issues, then you can create a completely unique album specific to you. You get to pick your own positive affirmations, and music to go along with them, and then they send you out a customized subliminal album within 2 days. You still get a 10-minute subliminal MP3, but the affirmations are created directly from you!

If you are not the best at writing positive affirmations, then they will rephrase what you write to get the message you want across to your subconscious and receive better results.

6. You Can Get Your Subliminal MP3s on CD

When you buy a subliminal MP3, they can also put the subliminal messages onto a CD and send it out to you. This could come in handy for different situations.

7. Subliminal Guru Will Give You Two Free Subliminal MP3s Of Your Choice

Right now, you can unlock two free subliminal MP3s that, to be honest, you would probably want to buy anyway. You can choose between think yourself rich, lose weight fast, stop procrastinating, rocket your self-confidence, get a photographic memory, and the law of attraction.

Unlock Two Free Subliminal MP3s Of Your Choice Here!


Click on the above button to unlock your subliminal MP3s from Subliminal Guru! I really believe this will be a positive tool that helps you become happier and more fulfilled.

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