10 Songs To Get You Pumped To Approach Or Call A Woman

Music is awesome. It can get your pumped, change your perspective, and bring you to tears. I was watching my vision board – yeah, yeah, I know a lot of you don’t like that…but I have a song by Daft Punk called Harder, Better, Faster – and it really does pump me up for the day ahead!

It got me thinking about some songs in the bar that used to give everyone courage to go out and dance with other people, and that brought me here – to 10 songs that you can listen to in order to get pumped before you approach a woman or make that hard-to-make phone call for the first time.

1. Lose Yourself – Eminem

You just got to lose yourself in the moment – you only get one shot, do not miss your chance…this opportunity comes once in a lifetime! And really that is what is all about. You may not get another chance to approach this woman or call her – you gotta lose yourself and just go for it.

2. On To The Next One – Jay-Z

I move forward – the only direction. I got a million ways to get it. Jay-Z is never afraid to go after what he wants, and he has made it happen over and over again. If you can get half of his mentality when it comes to going after what you want, including women, you are going to do it.

3. Boom Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker

Can you shoot her off her feet and take her home? This song will get you feeling down and dirty and may give you the power to do that! It will get you thinking about what a sexy woman she is and how badly you want to go after her. And when you feel that need to get her – your actions will likely follow suit!

4. Turn Down for What – DJ Snake and Lil’ Jon

This song doesn’t have a lot of words. It is really a song about keeping the party going, and while you may not be doing stupid things to keep the party going, like being drunk or high – why should you have to turn down your life? Why not go after what you want and enjoy every damn second of it? Get pumped to go after that woman, because your life is going to be that much more awesome when you do!

5. Feelin’ Myself – will.i.am ft. Miley Cyrus

Goddammit you the shit! Get pumped and feel yourself! You are awesome, so list off all the things that you have to offer a woman and then go out there and offer yourself to her and the world.

6. We Own The Night – The Wanted

“This man was a hero, a hero of the night. When he was at a party, the party never died.” You can be that man! Go after what you want! Own the night! Own the day! And do it until your dying day!

7. Avaritia – Deadmau5

Why did I pick this song? Because anything by deadmau5 will get your blood moving and get you pumped up to be the best you NOW. This is the just the first song I found on YouTube. Meditate to it, dance to it, or just listen to it until the moment you are about to make your move on a woman. You will get pumped no matter how you use his music.

8. I Just Want You – Ozzy Osbourne

There are no impossible dreams. There are no unachievable goals. If there is a woman that you really want, then this song is perfect to get thinking about her and pumped to get her into your life. If you really want her, then go for her.

9. Illusion – Benny Benassi

This is another guy whose music will literally make you pumped to do whatever you want. Someone had commented that everyone in this video is on drugs – but you know what, Benny Benassi makes you feel high, which is why he is so great at pumping you up with his songs to do whatever you want.

10. Let’s Get Ridiculous – Redfoo

It is okay to stand out and just have fun with it all. Too many guys get worked up about going after women. (In fact, too many people take their life too seriously.) Allow yourself to let go of the fear and have fun with it. Don’t conform to what other people think you should be like – let yourself get ridiculous. Just be that guy and go for it!

Note: My husband thought Arch Enemy and Slipknot videos would be motivating. After hearing that, I realized that I may be missing the mark for some guys and their taste in music, so please share, in the comments below, what song YOU think would pump YOU up before approaching or calling a woman. I’ll add it into this list (if the song isn’t a total joke) so that other guys who are similar to you can benefit from it.


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