Signs You’re In Love With The Wrong Person

What are the signs you’re in love with the wrong person? Many people will say that you can’t choose who you love and this is very true. However as a female I would like to say, that I have seen many of my male friends fall in love with the wrong girls. I watch time and time again, as they get completely heart broken and I am the trusted friend that they come crying to after it ends really badly.

Unfortunately it is not always easy to identify signs you’re in love with the wrong person, because let’s be honest love has a tendency to blind us. Sometimes this is even worse for males, because let’s face it boys don’t always think with their big head first. Sorry guys, but this is a known fact and sometimes you really get completely obsessed with girls, to the point where I even wonder if we are both looking at the same person.

Ways to identify the signs you’re in love with the wrong person

Today I am going to teach you some of the signs that you can look out for. I know that this may be hard, but being able to identify these signs now will help you in the future. Remember that there are many females out there and your current girlfriend is not the only female on the planet.

Your self-esteem is not what it used to be.

If your self-esteem is feeling lower than usual, this is an indicating actor that you may be in love with the wrong girl. You should never feel worse after spending time with your girlfriend, you should be feeling better.

If your self-esteem genuinely feels lower than it was before you met her, then the chances are high that she may not be the right one for you. The right girl should make you feel on top of the world. The right girl will most definitely be boasting your self-esteem and making you feel more confident not less confident.

You are emotionally drained

One of the biggest telling signs that you’re in love with the wrong person is if you constantly feel emotionally drained. The right girl should leave you feeling energized and full of life, not drained. However the wrong girl will drain you and leave you feeling completely emotionally exhausted. I have seen this many times over and over again.

Even though you may be in love with her, she may not be the right person for you. If you are feeling this drained, the truth is that maybe her energy is draining you. She may be a very demanding person who is constantly making demands and leaving you to feel depleted.

You make excuses for her

Signs You're In Love With The Wrong PersonIf all your friends and family have called you aside out of love to discuss their feelings about her, but you refuse to listen then the chances are high that you may be with the wrong person. While I don’t agree with listening to outsiders about your relationship, I do think that your family and friends know you best. If the people closest to you are seeing genuine red flags and their intentions are good, then I do believe they may have a point.

If you find that you are making excuses for her to your family and friends all the time, then I can tell you right now that is a strong indicating factor that you may be with the wrong girl.

You put in more work than she does

If you are putting more work into the relationship than she does, then this could be an indicating factor that you could be in love with the wrong girl. The best couples that I have seen, who really go the distance are the ones who work together in a partnership.

In most cases equality in a relationship is very important and a relationship will never work out long term if one person is giving all the time while the other is taking. If you feel like you are always putting in the effort while she benefits from the rewards of your energies, then unfortunately this is a warning sign.

You are constantly afraid of losing her

If your relationship is on rocky grounds and you constantly feel afraid of losing her, then you definitely need to examine your relationship. The truth is that someone you love should never make you feel like you could lose her at the drop of a hat. You should feel extremely secure with her and your future. The factor that you feel afraid of losing her is definitely something to be concerned about.

If she gets too upset over little things and constantly threatens to break up with you, then don’t ignore these warning signs. These are definitely signs you’re in love with the wrong person

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