8 Signs You Are DEEP In The Friend Zone

Have You Gone DEEP Into The Friend Zone?

I believe that you can get out of the friend zone, but I think you have to KNOW that you are in the friend zone before you can take the steps to get out of it.

A lot of guys keep guessing about where they stand…and hoping that they are not in the friend zone, but the truth is if you don’t know for sure, you could be working your way so deep into the zone that you may miss your chance with a woman as she meets someone else.

So, following are 7 signs that you are already pretty deep in the friend zone and need to start working your way back.

1. She Flirts With Other Men In Front Of You

If she’s interested in you at all, she will likely keep her external flirting to herself. But, if you are not on her radar as a potential lover, then she will not have a problem letting you see her interest in other guys.

Of course, she could be flirting to make you jealous. If you really want to find out, tell her to go for him at some point during her flirting. Her reaction will tell you everything you need to know.

If she hesitates, gives you a concerned glance, or gets upset, then she may be hurt that you are so willing to have her date someone else.

But, if she quickly takes your advice, chances are good you are DEEP in the friend zone.

2. Her Pet Names Leave You Clearly Labeled

You’re Like A Brother To Me via Jonathan

I had a good friend that used to be in the friend zone constantly. He was nice and happened to have a lot of “lady friends” and one day a girl asked him to go out to dinner with her because she was lonely. After going out to dinner with her, and buying her dinner, she asked him if he would like to go to a basketball game so she wouldn’t have to go alone. This happened many times and one night he offered to take her out to dinner and to see a movie. Afterwards, in an emotional moment he tried to kiss her and she pushed him away and told him you are like a brother to me.

If she calls you ‘older brother’ or ‘little brother’ or just ‘brother’, count yourself DEEP in the friend zone! No woman who is interested in you, even in the slightest, is going to call you her brother.

And if she tells someone else that you are ‘like a brother to her’, you know where you stand. (Especially if that someone else is a guy!)

It’s important to remember that labeling and comparing are two different things.

For instance, if she says, “You are just like my dad!” – don’t freak out. She’s probably not labeling you as a father-like figure, but rather comparing your traits with her dad’s.

If she likes her dad, then that is a good thing. If she doesn’t like her dad, it could go either way.

But, if she says, “I wish you were my dad!” then back in the DEEP friend zone you go!

Also, not all comparisons are good. For instance, if she compares you to her sweet mentally handicapped uncle, then you are likely deeper than deep.

3. She Tells You That She Loves You And Hopes She Never Loses You As A Friend

Love. That’s a big word.

Most people in relationships don’t say the word ‘love’ for quite a while because it is so loaded and takes the relationship up a level.

If she’s comfortable telling you that she loves you, and she never wants to lose you as a friend, then you are in the friend zone. There is no doubt about it.

4. She Calls You A ‘Really Nice Guy’

Being a nice guy doesn’t mean you will get friend zoned, but being called one by a woman usually means you have already been put in that zone.

“You’re a really nice guy,” usually means, “I don’t want to hurt your feelings or make you think that there is more to this than there is.”

5. She Talks About Other Guys To You

A woman who likes you will not bring up potential dates or current dates. Instead, she will say nothing about them because she knows that could deter you from going after her.

So, if she’s telling you all about her dates, asking for advice, or just using you as a sounding board, then you are most likely DEEP in the friend zone!

6. You Are Always Part Of A Big Crowd Of Friends

If you are not able to get her alone – ever – then there is a reason for that! If she really likes you as more than a friend, then she would go out of her way to be alone with you – in a car, at home, at a friend’s house, or anywhere else…she would actually try to get you alone.

If you and her always seem to be surrounded by friends, despite your best efforts, then you are just one of her friends.

7. She Doesn’t Flirt With You

Women flirt with guys they like. For instance:

  • They laugh at their jokes – sometimes even when they are stupid
  • They play with their hair
  • They bite their lip
  • They look over their shoulder in a feminine pose
  • They touch a guy’s hands, legs, back, hair, etc.
  • They give you the bedroom eye look that is hard to miss
  • They look their best and highlight their best parts

If a woman never flirts with you, feels comfortable in her pajamas that go up to her neck around you, and never makes any physical contact with you (other than a hug), you are DEEP in the friend zone.

8. She Doesn’t Get Upset When You Flirt With Other Women

Has she ever told you to ‘Go for her!’ If yes, then you are likely in the friend zone!

A woman who likes you is going to be jealous, even if you are currently just friends, and you will be able to spot that jealousy through her actions or words.

In other words:

  • If she encourages you to date women – friend zone.
  • If she sets you up with other women – friend zone.
  • If she smiles and lets you and another woman be alone when that woman shows interest – friend zone.

But if she gets upset with you, rolls her eyes, gives you a dirty look, stops talking to you, becomes quiet, or changes her behavior in any negative way, then there is a chance that she IS  upset you are flirting with another woman and you have not completely fallen into the friend zone yet.

Do you have any stories about someone being friend zoned? Please share in the comments below!

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