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Become a More Attractive Man that Women Want To Date…

You see that beautiful blonde or brunette at your local coffee shop – she’s absolutely stunning and perfect in every way possible. You want to approach her – but your palms begin to sweat and doubts begin to creep up in your mind. Suddenly, your mind is going at 200 miles per hour…

She’s probably in her 20’s or early 30’s – and you would love to say “hello” and maybe even get her number. Your heart begins to race inside. Inside you want her so badly…

It would be a dream to be able to take her out somewhere special, magical – just you and her… But you hesitate. Your heart is beating so fast and your vision becomes blurry. Your mind fills up with anxiety.

You want to go talk to her so badly – there’s an inner voice inside you stopping you.

What if someone sees you…

What if she rejects you and turns you down in front of everyone?

What’s a clever pickup line you can use to start the conversation? 

Stop Hesitating With Women…

You wait so long that she finally picks up her coffee and leaves the coffee shop without even glancing at you… Forever gone from your life – never to be seen again.

Does this sound like you? Well, this was me for 20+ years of my life until I began studying the art of attraction. I’ve always been a natural introvert my whole life, and I struggled endlessly with women… Everything from getting dates, to getting numbers to getting women to even give me their time of day. I was often too shy to even say “Hi..” to a woman.

I realized I needed to make a change to my life, and quickly – if I was to ever be successful with women. I was 22 at the time – and still a virgin. I decided that night that I would join this underground pickup community of guys who were in the same boat as me. I had nothing to lose I reckoned.

How I Can Help You Date More Women Right Now!

My change began when I joined a local pickup artist group in Orlando, Florida. I found this “mysterious” PUA group while browsing an online meet up website. The leader of the group was a guy by the name of Rocco. He was a fiery, energetic and charismatic leader that claimed to have worked directly with Mystery (the infamous pick-up artist from MTV). Rocco invited me to his house in Orlando, Florida.

Nervous as ever, I entered this strange home. It was almost 10 o’clock at night. I entered inside and opened the door to what would soon be the keys to transforming myself from a nerdy pharmacist into a smooth and attractive man.

I could hardly contain my nervousness as my hands and knees felt weak from head to toe as I stood in Rocco’s kitchen with about 20 other guys. He was interviewing each of us about our sticking points and various hang-ups we had with women.

My transformation had only begun…

I had never felt more liberated and free as I began to talk and socialize with women with masculine intent and desire – something I had never done in my entire life up to that point. 

For months after, I went out with the group to various bars and clubs in Orlando, Florida and refined my social skills. I approached thousands of women, learning from my mistakes and refining my approaches, my confidence and my social game.

Everything from routines, to dress & style, to non-verbal & verbal communication, logistics and everything about my social awareness improved drastically…

It was that year – Christmas time exactly that I got my first phone number and my first makeout with a girl. I was ecstatic at the time – coming from someone lucky enough to utter out one or two words to a girl. It happened right before my 23rd birthday. It was the big and best gift anyone could ever give to me.

I briefly celebrated my victory, but that was only the beginning of my life transformation to becoming a better and a more attractive man.

I continued developing my social skills, confidence and methods with women for several years with constant feedback from the group – going out 4 or 5 nights a week with this pick up artist group to meet women and go on dates.

Get More Dates With Beautiful Women Now..

If you are struggling with women, I can help you… Even though beautiful women can be found anywhere in most parts of the world (coffee shops, malls, shopping centers, bars & nightclubs, etc) many men are still stuck with a mediocre dating life…

While there are more women than men in the world, many men still lack the dating skills and knowledge to attract women…


Most single men find themselves home alone on Friday & Saturday nights – often playing with their xbox’s, entertaining themselves through things like TV and Netflix.

If you are disappointed, tired – or frustrated with your dating life – let me help YOU become the attractive man that you always wanted to be.

As a guy who has struggled endlessly with women for many years until I made a remarkable life transformation – I decided to create a revolutionary new Ebook that will teach you how you can start dating more women NOW. 

Improve Your Dating Skills With My Revolutionary Ebook, “69 Tips to Attract, Impress & Get Women”

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This Ebook will completely transform the way you think, approach and handle your social interactions with women.

You Will Learn:

  • How to Quickly Generate Attraction with a Woman– My E-book will teach you how to attract women quickly
  • Dress & Style- This ebook will teach you how to dress properly. Yes, women do judge a book by it’s cover. I will show you how to present yourself as a sexy & attractive man through your dress, pants, shoes & even your accessories!
  • Jumpstart Your Confidence With Women- You will learn various techniques to improve your confidence around women. Realize that before you can be attractive to other women, you must feel confidence from within
  • Body Language Secrets- Most of the communication that happens occurs through non-verbal communication… that is your body language. I will show you how to improve your body language – everything from eye contact, posture to vocal tonality!
  • Discover Female Attraction Cues- Learn how to tell exactly when a woman is interested in you, so that you can strike when the iron is hot.. There are specific body language cues and subtle signals that a woman will give off when she’s interested!
  • Become a Sexy and Attractive Man- Explore unique techniques that you can use to quickly turn yourself from a “nice guy” into the man that she wants to sleep with
  • How to Approach- I will show you unique methods to pick up women from in the daytime and a night and where and what to say when you come across that beautiful woman that you want!
  • Ask Her Out – Learn everything from how to get her phone number to ways to lure her into accepting a first date without flaking!
  • Maintaining Attraction- See exactly what you need to do once you are on your 1st or 2nd date and how to escalate to build attraction quickly!
  • And Much More!
69 Tips to Attract, Impress & Get Women

I will also be teaching a lot of inner game concepts. In other words, different ways you can improve your self to become more attractive to the women you want to meet. Remember, women must find you to be an attractive, sexy man that they want to sleep with.

They make this decision within 30 seconds of meeting you – making your first impression absolutely critical. This window of opportunity to generate attraction is quite small – meaning you must quickly attract the woman of your dreams or risk being friend-zoned or cancelled out of her life completely!

That’s right. My 67 page Ebook has all the knowledge and information you need to become a much more attractive man based on my decade long quest of self-discovery.

Avoid trial and error with women.


I’ve personally gone through countless situations and sticking points with women and I’ll teach you how to maximize your chances of landing the woman of your dreams!

My Ebook comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you practice what I preach and do everything in my Ebook and you don’t see even one ounce of improvement in your dating life – contact me and I will give you a refund – no questions asked!

I am so confident that the 69 Tips to Attract Women Ebook will allow you to date and bed the woman of your dreams, that I’m willing to make you this offer.

For the price of $19, you will save yourself a lifetime of trial and error. How much is it worth to you to find and meet the woman of your dreams? I am sure it is priceless. I would have paid any amount to learn the knowledge I am going to teach you in my E-book!

Here’s What You’ll Learn in My Comprehensive Video Course…

  • How to Approach a Woman– My E-book will teach you how to approach a woman, and what to say when you are face to face with her
  • Ways to Setup an Ideal 1st and 2nd Date – Discover the exact time-proven ways to handle a first and second date with a woman
  • Sexual Escalation- I’ll show you the EXACT body language cues that tells you when you can begin to use physical touch as a means of activating her sexual thoughts about you…
  • Dress Like a Sexy Man-All of my teachings represent how you can turn from dressing like a nerd to a man who she sees as a potential suitor. Looks is everything, and I will improve your fashion sense!
  • Develop Better Verbal Communication- I’ll teach you EXACTLY what you need to do, STEP BY STEP in order to communicate with a woman in a male to female masculine way so that she sees you as a sexy enough man for intimacy!
  • Instruction from the Approach to The Date– I don’t skip any steps when teaching you how to meet women all the way from approaching her to going on a date with her
  • Build Sexual Chemistry– Using my strong technical knowledge of attraction building techniques, I’ll show you ways to attract women quickly to avoid getting stuck in the friend-zone!
  • Countless Pages of Powerful Teachings – Between each chapter, I cover all the necessities you need in order to become a more attractive man


Now…I want to pass on the knowledge of what I learned over the many long hours of hard work, saving your the Trial and Error with Women!


  • Chapter 1: How To Become Attractive To Women- This chapter will teach you everything you need to know from the basics of attraction to becoming a sexier man!

  • Chapter 2: How To Attract Women With Your Body Language- Learn How to Improve your overall body language to get the woman of your dreams!
  • Chapter 3: How To Read Female Body Language – Women give off subtle clues when they are attracted to you. See exactly when to take advantage of this unique window of opportunity! 

  • Chapter 4: How To Stop Being The Cute Guy And Become The Sexy Guy- There is a fine distinction between a “cute” guy and the “Sexy” guy. Woman sleep with the “Sexy” guy 95% of the time. Learn how to become this “sexy” guy.

  • Chapter 5: Where To Find Women- I will discuss various venues and locations where you can have the highest chances of meeting beautiful women

  • Chapter 6: How To Pick Up Women- This chapter will cover everything you need to know about how to approach a woman

  • Chapter 7: After You Get Her Number – Getting her phone number is only the first step of the seduction process. Next, you need to learn how to actually get her out on a physical date with you!

  • Chapter 8: The First Date – Learn what to do on a 1st date to maximize your chances of intimacy

  • Chapter 9: After The First Date – Discover what you need to do in order to maintain and grow attraction with the woman of your dreams!

  • Chapter 10: A Few Extra Pointers – I will close with some key concepts to attract beautiful women and how you can turn your dating life around for the better!


No Need For Costly Dating Seminars or Bootcamps!

Many other self-proclaimed pick up artists in the community want you to pay hundreds even thousands of dollars to join a “weekend bootcamp” where they hold your hand for a few hours to push you to approach women.

I won’t be holding your hand here – but I have laid out 69 crucial tips in my Ebook that will instantly improve your dating life with women!

For just $19, you can learn the knowledge that took me nearly a decade to learn after approaching thousands of women at coffee shops, concerts bars, clubs and countless other social gatherings!

Pick up Your Copy of 69 Tips to Attract Women Right Now and Jumpstart Your Dating Life!

I’ll see you on the other side!

69 Tips to Attract, Impress & Get Women

Chris S. from California and David G. from Florida share their experiences with my revolutionary new Ebook

The “69 Tips to Attract, Impress & Get Women” Ebook is fully compatible with Ipad, Iphone, Windows, Mac or any other device that can play video. That way, you can even read this ebook at the coffee shop or at the mall right before you approach that beautiful woman of your dreams! 

Yes, that’s right… This Ebook is fully Ipad, Kindle & Smartphone compatible! As long as your device can open .PDF files, then you can read this Ebook and immediately begin talking and learning the skills to date beautiful women!

Read this Ebook in the comfort of your own home anywhere in the world as you prepare yourself to talk to the woman of your dreams!

If you are tired of a mediocre dating life, your time is now to transform and turn your life around for the better…

Don’t be like that guy that stays at home on Friday & Saturday night playing Xbox or Playstation. There’s a real world out there filled with beautiful women waiting for you to talk to them… Waiting for you to make the approach you need to really attain self-fullfillment in your life.

Trust me…

I’ve been there and done that… I’ve been through dating seminars, bootcamps and had dozens of wingmen over the years as I’ve developed my personal skills and fine tuned my ability to rapidly attract women. I’ve been able to refine my game to be able to talk to more women on a regular basis.

It was an ellusive dream not too long ago just to get her number, take her out on a date and kiss her and take her to bed…

It took many hard years of trial and error to be able to actually learn the skills and methods needed to attract women quickly & effortlessly without wasting time going on endless dates or getting friend-zoned.

69 Tips to Attract, Impress & Get Women

I want to impart my years of knowledge to you in my Ebook. Quite simply, “69 Tips to Attract, Impress & Get Women” is one of the most comprehensive guides you need for any man that may be struggling with women.

At this point, it’s a no-brainer. If you want to take your dating life to the next level – hit the buy now button below and I will welcome you to a whole new world and range of possibilities with women!


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To Your Dating Success,

Eddie Suave

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