5 Secrets To Attract Women That You NEED To Know

Secrets To Attract Women

Before I tell you the secrets to attract women, I want to tell you a story. It is very relevant to this article, and I think you will learn a lot from it.

When I was younger, I met lots of guys through my friends. Some guys I noticed and some guys I didn’t. One guy tried everything he could to get me to notice him, and I knew he was trying, but he was not that interesting. One day I was the bar and this sexy, appealing guy came up to me and I couldn’t take my eyes off him, and guess what – it was the same guy that had been trying to get my attention before.

All it took was for him to change his clothes, style his hair, and gain some confidence!

5 Secrets To Attract Women

I asked women, “What is the one thing that YOU are attracted to in men that they probably don’t know about?” – And I got the following answers.

1. Similarity

While you probably could still attract a church girl when you are a bad boy, attracting a vegan when you are a hunter may be a different story. You need to show her that you have some similarities in order to gain her interest.

The good news is, you can show similarity through education, race, beliefs, habits, and history, and that even if you are a hunter and she is a vegan, you may win her over if you can prove that you have more similarities than differences.

2. Confidence

In my opinion, this is the biggest secret to attract women for the long haul. You could look like a toad on a stool and still attract women during your first impression if you have the confidence.

Think about it this way: How do you think jerks attract women? Is it because they are inattentive to their feelings? Is it because they don’t call and make a woman feel insecure? No! It is because they are confident in themselves and women are attracted to confidence.

When you have confidence you do all the right things. You talk smoothly, you make eye contact, you hold your body language the right way, and your personality shines through.

It cannot be stressed enough – you have to get confidence.

3. The Eyes

If you don’t make eye contact with women, you need to start. The eyes tell a woman a lot about who you are and what your intentions are.

If you have a warm look that shows a woman you are kind, then she will instantly be attracted to you. Of course, if you have a look that is full of sexual interest, that could attract a woman too. Every woman wants to know that you are attracted to them.

4. A Masculine Attitude

Even though caveman days are gone, women still look for a man who is a provider, protector, and everything else a stereotypical man should be.

Learn more about how being masculine helps you here.

You do not need to make millions or have a masculine face and body to send off this aura about you. You do, however, need to project a masculine attitude that you will protect a woman and have her best interest at heart always, because that is what a masculine man would do!

If you look good with a beard, you may want to try growing one!

5. Sense Of Humor

Funny guys are more attractive to women. Personally, I want a guy who is going to make me laugh for the rest of my life, not bring me down – and I know that many women are on the same page as me.

However there may be other reasons. For instance, a woman may not be looking for something serious, and a funny guy may be attractive because he appears not serious also. But, the bottom line is that humor will attract women, no matter what type of women you are dealing with.

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