5 Secrets About Women You Can Learn From Watching ‘Girls’

If you are not watching the television show Girls, then you are missing a ton of secrets about women that could help you understand them better and even improve your chances at winning them over.

I love the show Girls, and it touches on a lot of different issues women have in the world of dating and life. Following are a few secrets about women you can learn from watching Girls.

1. Not Every Woman Wants You

A naked women would probably have most men in the room paying attention. But in the following clip, one woman is into the guy and one is not – and it is painfully obvious.

Some women will not view you as a romantic partner, even if you are laying naked in front of them. The simply will not be attracted to you. In fact, some women will view you as a friend (or even a child) rather than a man, and that is when you are in big trouble if you are trying to win them over because no matter what you do, you will not hit their attraction button, which is necessary for any kind of interest at all.

2. Women Follow Their Feelings

There are a lot of insights that you can take from the following clip, but the biggest one is that women follow their feelings and don’t tend to listen to what someone else tells them.

Many guys believe that a woman’s friend can sway them one way or the other, but the truth is that women make up their own mind based on how they feel about stuff – even when it comes to a man.

How does this help you? If you can make a woman feel good about you, then no matter what their friends say or a book tells them, they will still want to be with you until they personally start to feel bad about you.

3. If She Liked You Once You Can Win Her Over Again

If there was something about you that attracted her to you, there is a very good chance that you can win her over again. This is true if you were a good guy that she never got to date or a guy that broke her heart.

Therefore, if you can convince her that you are still the guy she was attracted to long ago, then your chances of winning her over again are good.

4. Every Woman Is Attracted To Something Different

I keep saying on this blog! Not every woman is attracted to a good looking guy or a certain type of personality, and that is so true! Every woman has different preferences in men, and just because you are not winning over one woman doesn’t mean you won’t win over her friend.

Moreover, alcohol doesn’t always make a girl like you. If she doesn’t like you from the start, then alcohol may just make her dislike you even more. You can clearly see in the following clip that despite the drinks, one woman thinks he’s sexy and the other woman does not.

5. Most Women Love Their Fathers Despite Their Imperfections

It’s funny, because fathers can get away with a lot of crap, be very distant, and not call for months, and their daughters will still do anything to spend time with them and feel loved. There always seems to be that underlying need of having a father who cares about you and wants to spend time with you.

This is just a short list of what the show Girls can teach you about women. If you are not watching it, watch it. Get a friend (who is a woman) to watch it with you, and you will get double the secrets that  you will get watching it alone.

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