‘Sagging’ In Someone Else’s Home On The Job?

Yesterday I wrote about the fact that you are being judged by women – whether you like it or not. So it seems fitting that today I had a TV guy come into my home and have the nerve to look like this:

Guy With Pants Down Professional

This is the stuff I’m talking about. This is the stuff that will get you judged by women (and possibly men), unless of course you are 14 years old and your brain hasn’t developed yet.

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I know I’ve seen some guys doing this, so I looked it up, and if you are not aware, it’s called sagging. Whether its true or not, the fashion trend has been thought to be adopted from prison because they were not allowed to wear belts.

Another definition is that it is a symbol of freedom – doing what you want and rejecting the rules of society.

Another definition behind sagging came from someone who watched a special on prison life…here’s what he said:

Originally, this was a prison thing that signified that you were another prisoner’s property, IE bitch. Punks were forced to wear their pants this way so it would be easier for their masters to pull their pants down and butt-fuck them. – Source


I don’t care what it symbolizes to be honest. I don’t want to see some random guy’s ass hanging out. To me it symbolizes disrespect. 

This guy was acting as a professional in my home, and he came in looking like this. Not only that, he sat on my couch (with his boxer ass), sneezed everywhere, and coughed on my remote, and then he swaggered around like he was ‘the man’.

He wasn’t even young! He was in his 30’s. I can tell you that when I was in high school (in the 90’s) this look was popular, but come on – not in your 30’s, and definitely not when you are working and in someone’s home.

I could not wait for him to get out of my home. He annoyed me that much.

And if you are the guy in the pic reading this – I have a message for you.

You may think you are sexy or cool with your pants pulled down below your ass – but you are not. You look stupid. The fact that you were obviously intelligent and knew what you were talking about was WAY overshadowed by your ass hanging out in my face…and all I could see was complete disrespect for me and my home.

Now, like most women, I sent a quick message to my best friend the moment I had a chance. Interested in seeing a conversation between one pissed off woman and her friend? Here’s part of it…

Conversation About Guy With Pants Falling Down

Conversation About Man With Pants Down

I’m sorry, but this guy made me mad. He came into my home and acted like this? I can’t imagine what he’s like on the town trying to pick up women. He’s got to be even worse right?

And that’s exactly what women will think about you when you are on your worst behavior around them. The truth is that if you act like you don’t care, then that is the message that women will get.

Please, have some common sense when you go out. If you want to impress women (or anyone for that matter), don’t be an idiot.

As I said before, you are going to be judged whether you like it or not, so make sure you are being judged in a positive way and have respect for other people, or – at the very least – keep your pants pulled up in other people’s homes.

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