Top 6 Reasons Why Women Desire A Man Who Can Cook

Why Women Love A Man Who Can Cook

Developing new skills makes you more interesting, and cooking is definitely one of the skills that will help you stand out to women in the dating world. While there are still some women out there who prefer to take on the kitchen duties – and don’t want a man in the kitchen, most modern women find a man who can cook pleasing in many different ways.

1. Cooking Is Sexy

Women love to watch a man cooking. That’s right, watch! As Anna Fox told me, “Men in the kitchen is super sexy…It’s hard not to fall in love with the man watching him cook!”

I have to agree. I’m not sure what it is.

I do know that watching a man use his hands to delicately create something turns my mind towards what else his hands can delicately do!

Plus, there is just something sensual about cooking, even if it is simply creating a drink or a cup of coffee. Perhaps that’s why bartenders are so sexy to women.

Even research is backing up the fact that women find men sexy when they are working in the kitchen. Don’t believe me? Watch the following video.

2. Men Who Can Cook Offer New Experiences

When I first met my husband, I was living by myself in an apartment, and I ate nachos and Taco Bell on a regular basis. I didn’t cook much, beyond some Kraft Dinner, and I didn’t have a taste for spices. My parents fed me a potato diet when I was growing up with a lot of cheese and butter (Ukrainian), so I was totally ignorant to what kind of food was out there and too scared to try anything new.

My husband changed that, and while I was drawn to him for many things, his ability to cook food I’ve never heard about before was definitely a skill that impressed me and drew me in more. The new experiences with food helped me grow in awareness when it came to different cultures and health benefits, and I credited him for that, which was a huge turn on for me.

In short, a man who can cook can add something new and positive into a woman’s life. That is a desirable trait!

3. Food Is A Conversation Starter And Saver

Everyone likes food. Everyone likes to eat. And everyone like to talk about food. If you both like to eat, you can talk about your favorite foods, but if you both like to cook, you can take those conversations to another level. As Arnaud from Kip Kitchen told me, “You can exchange good and bad experiences about cooking dishes.”

I know that everyone has some good and bad experiences to talk about! Those stories can be used as a conversation starter or as a way to keep the conversation going when there is nothing else to talk about.

In addition, part of the appeal when talking about bad experiences is that you can make her laugh (which is super important for attraction). Moreover, you can develop a sense of connection using one of the most fundamental elements in everyone’s life – food.

In other words, unless she doesn’t like to eat, your experience with cooking can help you connect with any woman on a deeper level.

4. Stereotypical Boyfriends Are Not What (Most) Women Are Looking For

When women are sizing you up, they think about the future on some level. Cooking is a great way to show a woman that life is not going to be stereotypical with you.

Too many women grew up with the mother who HAS to cook and the father who sits around on his ass, drinking a beer, until she is done.

Too many women also watched their father get kicked out of the kitchen because he didn’t know what he was doing and would burn something the first chance he got.

For most women nowadays, it is offensive to think that her man is going to be demanding her to make supper every single night, and never have supper made FOR her. And if he does, it will in a takeout box.

So, when she can see that you can cook, and that you enjoy doing it, she knows her future with you is not a future where she has to start cooking at 4pm or else her husband is going to be upset and annoying.

5. Romantic Dinners Are Possible

A Romantic Dinner At Home

Romance is an important element for many women. And, men who can cook have the ability to create a romantic dinner with a romantic atmosphere at home. While going out for dinner can be nice, staying at home can help you be as sexy as romantic as you want.

6. They Get A Great Date Even When You Are Broke

Anna also made a good point for all you broke guys out there. “If a man cooks tasty food, he can always set up a budget-friendly date (picnic or at home). So even if he is broke, he can keep dating!”

That means no more excuses that you can’t go out because you are broke. If you just started dating, then there are plenty of places you can go to have a picnic, and if you know each other a little, and feel comfortable inviting her over, then the date becomes even cheaper.

Don’t Want To Take A Cooking Class In Public?

If you are embarrassed of your cooking skills, then you are in luck! There are plenty of online courses to help you learn to cook and impress women.

Note: As of now, you can use the coupon code UDEMY1119 to get some massive discounts on most courses.

This cook like a man course on Udemy teaches you some important skills to help you create that perfect meal for your date!

And if you already have the basics down, there are many other classes that will teach you how to cook unique and interesting foods for women with unique and interesting tastes.

Like Vietnamese Cooking


Vegetarian cooking (this is a really good skill to have nowadays!)…


Of course PIZZA!…

Get as crazy as you like! The more you know, the more you will have to talk about with women and the more you will be able to impress them with your amazing skills in the kitchen.

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  • Henry

    A lot of guys still think the cooking is a woman’s job. I found this article because some guys were complaining. They are saying things like what’s next sewing? But I see your point. Having a skill that a woman finds attractive is a good thing .

    I like your site. It’s not about playing women and trying to get laid. I want to find a relationship, not just have sex.

    • Yeah, I know a lot of those guys – and they are single or married to a victim mentality person. My husband’s sister has to be home at 3pm to cook for her big fat husband who can’t cook. Then he makes fun of her cooking. Wonder why she’s depressed and miserable in her relationship?

      I hope you find both – a relationship and great sex.

  • Slade

    You’re joking, right?

    • Nope. Cooking is one of those skills that will impress the majority of women.

      Guys who can’t cook are dependent on their women, the takeout guy, or their mom (being dependent is not that sexy – at least not to the women I know).

      Plus food is an aphrodisiac (especially when combined with wine), so a man who can cook an amazing meal is going to turn a woman on in more ways than one.

    • Yes, it is true, cooking is attractive 🙂 , and in addition , it generates that secure feeling

  • Not to mention the bedroom is closer to the kitchen than it is from the restaurant.
    As soon as the ladies found out I was attending Le Cordon Bleu to become a pastry chef the dates started rolling in…

    • Very good point Troy! Speaking from experience – by the time you get her home from the restaurant, the wine may had a chance to turn her from horny to tired. Not good.