What She Is Really Pissed Off About – An Inside Look Into What Is Making Her So Angry

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Maybe you think that you can’t do anything right because she’s yelling at you about every little thing that you do or have done. She may constantly say things like “The clock isn’t set right!” or “The dishes weren’t done right!” or “I wanted the laundry done this way, not that way!” and on and on it goes. The thing you have to remember and work on if you ever want to fix that ‘nagging’ is that it’s not the clock, dishes, or laundry that is bothering her. There are only two real options – either you are not meeting her needs or she is not a happy woman.

Not Meeting Her Needs?

Chances are high that you are not meeting her needs. Women have specific needs that need to be met in order to feel loved and validated, as well as close to you.

What needs are you not meeting? Well that’s up to you to figure out. I can’t tell you without talking to your woman, but you on the other hand get to see your woman every single day, and with some communication on both your parts you may be able to discover some surprising facts about where you are not meeting her needs.

Following are the top 3 needs that are consistently not met for women.

Sexual Needs

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The surprising number of unsatisfied women out there blows my mind! Not only because the men haven’t taken the time to learn how to satisfy a woman fully but also because the women haven’t taken the time to learn how to satisfy themselves and share that information with their man!

A lot of times a woman will expect her man to know what she needs in bed. This is obviously not realistic, but nonetheless it happens. The good news is that there is tons of information out there for you on satisfying women! Once she sees that you are trying to figure out this whole business of pleasuring a woman she should jump on board to help figure it out as well and take some pressure off of you.

Communication Needs

Are Her Communication Needs Being Met?

Women like to share their feelings, their day, their thoughts, their wishes, their dreams…well, their everything! It’s what women do! Men need to understand that and acknowledge their need to communicate.

If you don’t take the time to sit down and listen to your woman then you may be lighting a fuse attached to an emotional bomb! She has to communicate with you in this way in order to feel really connected and close to you. By denying her that connection you can make her feel as though you don’t care enough about her to spend the time communicating with her.

Bottom line: Learn how to communicate with her effectively in the way she needs.

Supportive Needs

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She wants you to be on her side in life, so if you are not giving her the support that she needs she may feel disconnected from you and, therefore, annoyed, angry, or upset with you as well.

There are many ways to give her support.

  • Try making her feel good about herself and her accomplishments.
  • Try standing up for her when your family picks on her.
  • Try making her feel as though she is pretty, smart, intelligent, or even amazing all around!


Basically, besides herself, you are the one person who can (and should) lift her up and make her feel good about herself. So give her the support she needs both verbally and non-verbally.

These are the top 3 needs that most women don’t find are met by their man. Many women will not talk about these needs with their man because he ‘just doesn’t seem to get it’. Trust me, I have heard that a lot.

That’s because men and women need different things from their partners, and we tend to think about the things we need to be the things our partner needs, but that’s not the case. We all need to understand that we are different in order to have a happy and healthy relationship.

So figure out how you can meet her needs. How? Ask her! She will most likely be more than willing to tell you what exactly is bothering her after you directly tell her that you realize you are not meeting her needs. She will be thankful that you want to fix the issue and work on the happiness of your relationship.

Is She Not A Happy Woman?

Sometimes you can do everything right and she is still pissed off at you. Why? This has nothing to do with you.

Some of us (men and women) are not in a mental place where we can be happy. We just don’t have the awareness that happiness is deserved and available, and we become victims in life through the way we talk to ourselves.

If you are doing everything right, and she is still unhappy, you have three options.

  1. Stay with her and put up with the behavior until she changes. (Nothing you do will change how she interacts with the world. She has to develop new thoughts and beliefs before that can happen.)
  2. Get her help. (This can go very badly, very quickly. Have you ever told a woman she needs help?)
  3. Leave the relationship.

There is nothing else you can do.

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