Do You Really Need Love In Your Life?

Do You Need Love In Your Life?

It doesn’t matter where you go, everyone seems to need love. Love is an important part of life. We see it every day, no matter where we look. Humans love each other, animals love each other, and humans and animals love each other. The more I read about it, feel it, and think about, I have to conclude that love may be as important as food, shelter, and water.

What Happens To The Brain In Love?

Helen Fisher is an anthropologist who studies, in part, human emotions. Following is a TED talk she did in 2008. Using an MRI, she and some colleagues took a look at brains in love. It’s a short video, but an interesting one.

What Does Love Seem To Do To People?

Those who don’t feel loved seem to become bitter and withdrawn. I once worked at a nursing home and saw this repeatedly for myself. The seniors who felt as though they were never truly loved in their life were bitter and angry, or sad and withdrawn. Ironically, it was hard to show them love because they just wouldn’t take it in.

Love can soften people and make them more compassionate and understanding. If you see someone in a healthy and happy relationship, this becomes apparent.

I’ve even noticed that the memory of being loved can make people softer. For instance, when I worked in the nursing home, upset seniors who started talking about their deceased husband or wife instantly became nicer as they remembered that person and the time they spent together.

Occasionally, you could see deep pain in their eyes. Those who experience the most intense forms of love can experience excruciating pain when it is gone. If you have ever been in love and lost that love, then the poem from the above video should have touched you.

Also, the seniors who still had a lot of love in their life were the happiest residents in the home. They were the people who had family come to visit them or even just good friends that they had made in the residence.

Love doesn’t have to be romantic love. People can feel loved by their pets, friends, and God. Love is there if you look for it and let it in.

Do You Really Need Love In Your Life?

I think so. I think it is an essential element of a happy and fulfilling life. I think that if you want a happy life and ending, don’t hate love, celebrate it.

I know that there are many lonely people in the world who don’t feel loved and are ready to give up on the notion of being loved in their life.

If that’s you, don’t throw up your hands in the air and tell the world you are a loner. Go ahead and accept love from people, animals, and even yourself. Have faith that a higher power loves you too, and really try to feel it.

Also, go out and see the love being spread in the world. Trust me, if you look, you will see it everywhere. Turn of the news and look for the brighter side of life. It will help you fill up your love meter, even if you are not in a romantic relationship right now.

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