Isn’t Rape The Woman’s Fault If She’s Wearing Skimpy Clothes?

Not too long ago, I had a guy constantly commenting on here about how lonely he was and how evil women were. One of the things he mentioned was that women were asking to be raped because they were wearing skimpy clothes… in the middle of summer when it was hot. How dare they! I wanted to reach through the computer and bang this guy’s head against his computer screen a few times in hopes that he would take ownership over his own actions (and other men’s actions) and stop blaming women.

No one causes rape but rapists.

That guy has disappeared from this blog, thankfully. I’m sure he’s out spreading his misogynistic views on other blogs. I’m sure he feels more powerful than ever as hatred towards women seems to be a trend lately as impressionable men who can’t think for themselves, or men who already have very hateful beliefs, are finding comfort in the ridiculous prejudice of certain men in power.

He’s just one of many.

Do They Deserve To Be Raped?

Today I found a question on Yahoo Answers that went like this:

Isn’t rape a woman’s fault? If women didn’t dress in clothes that are revealing they would not get raped. I think most people can agree that women are mostly to blame for being raped.

It may be a troll question – something meant to provoke people and bring… I guess pleasure to the person who asked it? More anger to the world? People down to the level of despair and hopelessness he feels? I will never understand the troll’s mentality. I’m just not that miserable of a person I guess. But, this question reminded me of that miserable guy who used to leave comments along these lines.

If you have ever asked yourself that question, let me make it clear – your hatred, anger, or abuse is not anyone’s fault but your own.

In the end, we all choose our actions, and we are all capable of choosing to treat people with respect or with disrespect. The people who receive our respect or disrespect have nothing to do with it. It doesn’t matter how they act or treat us. Our behavior is a direct result of our choices.

In other words, if a woman is forcefully held down and forced to have sex, then it’s not her fault. The person to blame is the person who held her down and forced her to have sex. Period. It doesn’t matter what she wearing or how flirty she was. It doesn’t matter where she was working or what she was doing. She has nothing to do with it.

No woman goes out with the intention or desire to be raped. The thought that she deserves to be raped because of the clothes she wears or the way she acts is so f’ing ridiculous that I can’t even believe some people contemplate it.

No one causes rape but rapists. 

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  • AW


    As a former security officer I have tried to teach women to think safety. It makes them feel unsafe, and they do not wish to feel that. When I go into the mental aspects of self defense and surviving and spotting dangerous situations, they tune out. Being on your guard is a mindset that costs your peace of mind.

    2. Mixed signals: “No” fairly often is “maybe”. If a man wants to get anywhere, a certain amount of insistence is required. I suppose it is a way to screen for a man who takes the initiative. However: Add alcohol, the wrong situation, the wrong signals, and things can escalate. This is certainly contributory, but does not excuse rape ethically. So, sorry, but women do have a certain amount of agency.
    99% of self defense is reading the situation and avoiding escalation. Failure to do so incurs a responsibility to own that failure.

    Do note that according to at least one study it seems that women send sexual signals when approached by a man they are not really interested in. (Perhaps both as a thank you for the attentions as well as to better evaluate and screen him). Study done a long time ago, I read it in an South African Men’s Health issue.

    3. Weaponising the accusation of rape and domestic violence: Women do make this accusation in vengeance and for other reasons like avoiding social blowback for sexual indiscretions, as it is one of the most damaging accusations a man can face.

    Karen Straughan has a video on that, if you are interested.

    4. The animal within and Mother Nature: It is interesting and disturbing when the book “Sperm Wars” mentions that a very high incidence (30%) of rapes result in pregnancy.

    There is definitely a biological underpinning there, especially taking into account that forced sex apparently happens in other species where the female is smaller than the male physically as well. As does sex for favours, it seems, just btw.

    Note that studies have shown that men find the faces of women in the fertile phase more attractive than when not in the fertile part of the cycle. Subliminally, we can tell.

    Taken together it seems that rape is a reproductive strategy which Nature permits, and which does not just occur among humans. The possibility of rape is therefore one which women should take into account.

    I also have to say my personal experience of women agrees more with what I have read of the Red Pill than with your blog, but I value the input you make as a woman. If we can at least respectfully agree to disagree on your stance, I would like that very much

    Again: Rape is a deplorable crime, but a fact of human nature. Ladies, do try and think safety by thinking ahead and having an exit strategy.