Here Are 3 Good Reasons To Quit Stalking Your Ex Girlfriend

Stalking An Ex Girlfriend Is A Very Bad Idea

It’s not like it used to be when it comes to breaking up. Before the Internet, we used to wonder what our ex was up to and where they were in life. But now it’s extremely easy to find all this information out and, even worse, it’s extremely easy to stalk our ex to the point of obsession. But here is why you need to quite stalking your ex girlfriend for good, whether you want to get her back someday or not.

1. How Can You Move On When You Are Focused On The Past?

First, stalking your ex girlfriend is not healthy for your ability to move on from her and get a new life going.

When you are constantly being reminded of her and the times you had together, it can feel almost like you are still engaged in her life, even if you are not. It’s hard to form a new life away from her when you are technically still engaged in her life on some level.

Therefore, if you can still see what she is doing on social sites, then do whatever you have to do to stop looking at her on social sites. Block her or get off the social site, but whatever you do, don’t spend any more time living a life that is not there anymore.

2. If Your Friends Find Out…

Friends judging other friends for stalking

Second, if someone finds out you are stalking your ex girlfriend it will make you look pretty silly and desperate. It is not a good image to portray.

Even though everyone admits to doing it on some level at some time, it still seems creepy when someone else does it. It’s kind of like picking your nose – even though it may be okay for you to do it alone, other people will look down on you if you do it right in front of them.

3. If Your Ex Girlfriend Finds Out

Lastly, if your ex girlfriend finds out that you are stalking her, then she may not be as flattered as you might think she would be.

She may, in fact, be creeped out that you are checking in on her every move, and she may become paranoid about what you know or don’t know about her.

If it starts to affect her life in the way that she has to wonder if you will know about their every move she may become resentful of you, and your chances of every having a decent relationship with her again will be out the window.

Worse…Ex Girlfriend Finds Out About Stalking

Even if your ex is not creeped out by the stalking, she will still feel something that no one wants their ex to feel – powerful over you.

Your ex will feel like she has control over you and what you feel, and she may try to manipulate that in some way to her advantage.

For instance, she could post pictures that she wants you to see or say things that she knows will have an effect on you. She can literally play you like a puppet and make you angry, sad, depressed, or desperate for her back – depending on how she uses her power.

So, if you are stalking your ex girlfriend, just move on with your life! It will make you feel better in the long run and help you gain control over your life so that you can move forward to a happier and healthy relationship.

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