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I was thinking about this blog today, and wondering whether or not I should keep writing on it.

I have a passion to help people become happier in their lives, and since I have been writing for years on dating, sex, and relationships, as well as had years of experience with dating, sex, and relationships, I’ve always thought I had some pretty interesting insights to share.

The problem is that there are lots of blogs out there for men that talk about attraction, dating, being single, having sex, and more, and I was wondering whether this blog just blended in with them or if it stood out in some small way.

How I Think It Stands Out

I am a huge personal development fan. I think we should all read, learn, and grow to become happier with ourselves and contribute to this world in a positive way, ultimately making it happier as well.

That’s my angle with this blog.

I’m trying to share what I’ve learned through my personal development journey – the things I know to be true. The things I know can help you be happier.

My husband often tells me to dumb it down a bit. Sometimes, I think I should.

We were at the mall a few weeks ago and a guy slid by me on the floor yelling something. His buddies thought he was hilarious and their laughter encouraged him to do it again. He almost knocked my husband over the second time, and I can’t describe how I felt about his guy as he lay on the floor thinking he was doing something cool.

Let’s just say I was shocked that someone could be so stupid.

When we were out of earshot, my husband told me that this is the type of guy I should be writing for.

It made sense.

I see the dumbest things go viral on the Internet. Like photos of people being disgusting and immature.

I get the most ignorant comments on my blogs. Like one guy who thinks that words have no power to influence how others feel about you.

I see the biggest jerks out on the street. Like the guy who almost knocked over my husband when my husband was having a hard time walking to begin with.

I see people say rude, mean, and arrogant things to other people.

I see people put down people who are trying to be good, helpful and peaceful.

Sometimes I think I see humanity going down the toilet- even though I really hate to say that.

It can really be overwhelming.

But then that’s when I remember that if we are going anywhere in this world, people need to start becoming more aware about how their behaviors, thoughts, and beliefs affect themselves and this world. And that’s why I’ll keep writing on this blog.

I may not know everything, but I know that I want to contribute to this world in a positive way, and writing is my passion.

So, if I can help one guy be happier, better, and more fulfilled, then I guess that’s the point of doing it.

Or, at the very least, my message will help balance out the negativity and hatred that thrives on the Internet.

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