How to Please a Woman in Everyday Conversation

Women seem to get pissed off about a lot of the things that men say, right? Usually a guy has no idea why she is pissed off and this causes him to say sorry over and over again, which usually doesn’t resolve anything but instead makes it worse. So, why do women get so mad? And how can you please them during conversation?

Sorry guys but there is no magic answer. You have to learn why she (as an individual) gets upset and, more importantly, understand why she is upset.

But I can tell you why saying sorry won’t cut it: It’s because you have no clue what you said wrong and that ticks her off. If you straight up tell her why she is mad without saying sorry, I guarantee you she will feel better about you.

Women Take More Than Your Words Into Account

Woman making eye contact

Here’s the deal. Women read between, behind, and underneath the lines.

You have to understand that even though you just said to her, “I think you look good today,” she may have heard “I think you look okay, not great, but okay.” And depending how you said it she may even think you meant, “That girl over there looks better than you.”

How do women make so much out of a simple ‘you look good today’?

It is not only about what you say, it is about how you say it. Women don’t just listen to what you are saying; they listen to your tone, watch your body language, and take into account what you have said to them before. They hear your words, but they interpret what you are really saying by taking into account everything else.

For instance, if you say, “You look good today,” in an dull tone while you look at the TV, and you hardly ever tell her that she looks good, then she will interpret your words as, “I don’t really care how you look.”

A better way to tell her that she looks good, and make her believe it, is to make her feel that she looks good while you are saying it to her. If you can add feeling behind your words then she will be more likely able to believe what you are saying at point value.

Therefore, use your body language along with your words to portray what you really feel to a woman. Body language speaks much louder than words. Keep your body or face turned towards her, touch her periodically to keep that connection going, and use eye contact.

Eye Contact Is Essential When Having A Conversation With A Woman

If there’s one thing you should remember, it’s that you have to maintain eye contact. Even if you screw up your words, eye contact can show her that you mean well and you are a guy worthy of her affection, attention, and second chance.

Have you ever noticed a woman look you deep in the eyes when she feels like you have been rude or lied to her? This is because she’s trying to discover the truth through eye contact. What your eyes tell her can make or break how she feels about you, so learn how to use eye contact to your advantage.

If you are wondering, eye contact works wonders both outside of the bedroom and inside of the bedroom. Therefore, always use eye contact to show her how you feel and what you are thinking.

The bottom line is that women don’t always take your words at face value. They take into account your body language, why you are saying what you are saying, and your previous interaction with them. That is the way it is, so you can either get upset about it, or learn how to communicate effectively with your body language and words.

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