Playing Games To Get Women? How’s It Working For You?

The other day a guy left a long comment on this blog on how to get a woman playing games. He was trying to help another guy understand what he needed to do to win a woman over. It consisted of a ton of stupid little games. Don’t call until this day. When she answers the phone say this. If she doesn’t text back, then do this. Don’t tell her what you are doing. Stop with the games already!

Playing Games With Women? What's Your Next Move?

What I found funny was that this guy said, ‘Guys, don’t play girl’s games.’ (Which I agree with by the way.) And then he went on to list out a whole bunch of games of his own. In other words, don’t play girl’s games but do play games with girls?

Why not just stop playing games in general? Cut out the games you play. Then learn when someone you like is playing games with you and don’t partake in those either.

Why Trick People Into Liking You?

Why do so many men have step-by-step instructions on how to get a woman? Why do they feel like they need to trick women into liking them, and then play with their minds until they are so fucked up that they don’t actually know how they feel?

What kind of guy does this? A guy who figures that he’s not worthy or capable of getting a woman simply by being himself, so he has to come up with these tricks and techniques to follow.

And yes, I think that women who play games are losers too. They obviously are not confident in themselves enough to just be themselves and find a guy who likes them for them.

The fact is that there are plenty of men AND women playing games out there. One gender is not worse than the other.

Furthermore, not EVERY man or every woman is playing games. We can’t label ALL of one sex in this way because, realistically, that’s just not the case.

Playing Games Is Not For People Who Want A Happy Relationship

The bottom line is that games are stupid. They lead to anger, confusion, and shitty relationships – if they even get you to a relationship.

Games are not for men or women who want a real relationship.

  • They are for men and women who can’t accept someone else for who they are.
  • They are for men and women who want to create something not real – based on what they think they should be creating.
  • They are for men and women who have an extremely bitter point of view on the opposite sex (or other people in general) and don’t deem other people worthy of being straight with.
  • They are for men and women with low self-confidence who can’t just believe that they are good enough for someone just the way they are.
  • They are for men and women who have been taught ridiculous things about the opposite sex and are unable to see the truth beyond those lessons.

For me, being real is much more rewarding than playing games.

But, hey, if you want to buy into the games that guys want you to play, go for it. I guarantee that you won’t attract a good woman or a good relationship to you.

And if you want to fall for a girl who is playing games, then that’s your choice. Just know that happy and healthy relationships are not built on games.

Think about it. If your friend played games with you, how great do you think your friendship would be? It wouldn’t be great! It would be sad. You would feel more disrespected than supported or valued.

That’s how it is with any relationship. Games are about manipulating a relationship, and they will always leave one person feeling confused or bad, which doesn’t make for a great relationship.

And, if the woman you are playing games with has a brain, she won’t stand for it.  (And I hope you will do the same with any woman who is playing games with you.) That just means that you could lose a woman who will love you and make you happy.

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  • I hate playing games, but I absolutely understand why they do it and how it helps. Firstly, being “oneself” is a bad tip for someone who is identified with his ego, which he considers his “self”. In other words, say, a man who carries core shame about his male sexuality, thinks that “being himself” means being that meek nice guy. And you can claim whatever the fuck you want, but this doesn’t work with women. It just doesn’t. What you get is rejection, contempt and indifference from the female sex. You would have to be blind not to see this.

    For such a man, playing games may be a good way to start understanding how the whole business works. It may not be as great as some serious introspection and meditation, but hell, if it motivates him to start going, why not.

    I personally hate playing games so much that I would rather have no woman at all than to have to put on a mask. But that’s just me.

    The thing is, people play games all the fucking time. Our whole civilization is constructed out of millions of little games, symbols and manipulations. It is insane and sickening. The truth is, be truly yourself in this society and expect to get some serious backlash. The one who is not playing games is the one whom everybody hates for ruining the game. I am not saying this to whine around; it is simply a matter of fact. People who are authentic and honest in your everyday social setting make up maybe 1 or 2 % of the populace.

    Anyhow, considering this fact, it is certainly better to play the games that get you where you want than the ones who leave you helpless. And, let’s face it, if it didn’t work very well, nobody would be selling it. And this does not say something about “evil men”. A woman who can not sense that a man is playing games must be at least equally divorced from her instincts and intuition and can hardly blame the man (referring to your justification for cutting off dicks here).

    And the fact that it works so universally well indicates that this is the world we live in. I don’t blame a man for adapting to such a world to satisfy his needs.

    What women usually mean with “be yourself” is: Keep in line and don’t change your character. You are a good slave. Sure, there is a truth behind the saying. But most people who say it have no clue about that and use it simply as another tool to manipulate each other.

  • you are right

  • Andrew

    Hi great article and advices. I thought I should ask my situation as well. I like a girl at my work place.she is quite and cold with almost everyone. She talks to very few people at work only. I like her..but she always keeps her head down looking at the floor. We had office meetings where she did not addressed me not even looked at me.she kept on playing with her hands. I decided to have a chat with her to ease her off..we talked about work she moved her hairs from one shoulder to another. We mostly talked about work and she agreed on few work related points. I looked at her from distance she looked at me as well. But most of the time she keeps her head down….I dont know whathat I havery done…what she thinks about me. Earlier on she avoided me.

    • The head down means that she doesn’t want to engage. She’s there to work and she’s uncomfortable with the idea of being social, in my opinion. She’s not playing games or anything else because she does that with everyone.

      Moving her hair from shoulder to shoulder just could be a nervous twitch or something that she does. Watch her interact with others and see if she does it with them too. It may not mean anything.

      My advice? Keep talking to her, build a bond, and see what happens. That’s all you can do. Don’t ignore her or play any games with her at all because it sounds like she will withdraw completely from you if you do.

      • Andrew

        Thanks for the advice. I come to know that she said to someone that she knows what I am doing.
        Request: Can you please not publish this and give me an advice. I will be really greatful to you.

        • I’m not sure what you mean.

          I’m not going to publish this into an article.

          And nobody will know who you are in the comments, but I think it’s good to leave the comment in so that other people in a same situation can read it.

  • cat793

    This kind of article from women really exasperates me. Being honest and being yourself only works if you are a handsome, self confident, charismatic high achiever. If you suffer from depression, have zero self worth and therefore have achieved very little in life then just being yourself is going to be a ticket to perpetual sexlessness.

    There is nothing I would like more than just being myself . But my my real self is not attractive to women unfortunately. I just don’t have a sexy personality. They almost always like me and we can talk away for hours but that is as far as it goes. I am a friend not a lover. If I actually want to have sex with women I have to lie and create the bullshit persona that turns them on. That is just the bitter reality.

    Women say they want good, honest guys and maybe they do at the conscious, rational level but it is not the rational and conscious part of their brains that they use when choosing who to have sex with! It is the more primitive emotional part of the brain. And that is what the game playing is all about – manipulating women’s subconscious because it is this that gets the pussy wet, the knickers off and the legs open. And that is what I want. I don’t want to be a friend.

  • Dominik von Lavante

    There is a huge difference between palying games (with women) and playing game. The first is using tricks and subversion, the second is learned attraction.

    And yes, generating attraction is to 100% a learned capability. Some naturals have learned it subconsciously, but for most men it is a gruesome actively learned process. And yes, there is nothing magical to generating attraction. It is a a fairly deterministic process and objectively measurable process.