5 Ways Innocuous Pick-Up Lines Can Increase Your Success With Women

Why Harmless Pick-Up Lines Can Improve Your Success

I don’t promote pick-up lines. The cheesy kind anyway. If you are trying to pick up a decent woman, then they just don’t work. They are annoying and will turn a woman off much more than they turn her on, and you could ruin your chances at getting to know a woman that would be a really good fit for you.

BUT, that said, there are some pick-up lines that work.  For instance, saying something that hides your true intentions, such as “This place is pretty great, right?” is a great way to get a woman’s interest and open up a dialogue. In fact, in a study on preference for opening lines, women preferred openers that were innocuous (harmless and inoffensive) in all situations included.

But My Cheesy Pick-Up Lines Worked Before!

Disrespectful pick-up lines may work on some women, but those are the women who are lacking confidence or desperate for a man. They also may just be immature and find some twisted, sexual, ridiculous comment a turn on or flattery of some sort, but do you really want an immature woman?

The bottom line is that just because it worked on a couple of women doesn’t mean it will work on the type of woman you actually want to date.

5 Ways Harmless Pick-Up Lines Will Improve Your Chances Of Success

So, it’s time to throw out the old cheesy pick-up line book, unless you want to get turned down by a woman that would really be amazing for you.

You can be direct if you want because that could work. Telling a woman that you think she’s hot or funny – or whatever you think of her, and then asking her for her number, does have a good chance of working depending on the situation.

But, in some situations, your direct approach doesn’t give her a chance to think about whether or not she finds you attractive, and it doesn’t open up to a conversation really well. A more harmless opener will do a lot of things for your success with a woman.

1. It Will Allow You To Start A Real Conversation With Her

Starting a real conversation benefits you and her. When you open with a harmless comment, you open the chance to engage in conversation. This helps you get to know her beyond her looks or whatever attracted you to her, and you can gauge whether or not you actually like her.

And, she gets to do the same thing with you. If you resonate with her, then she is going to want to know more about you and give you her number so that she can talk to you again.

2. It Will Feel Natural To Her

Instead of shoving your attraction down her throat (Your daddy must be a drug dealer because you are dope!) and forcing her to switch gears from whatever she was doing to deciding whether or not to give you her number, a harmless pick-up line will ease the process and make it much less stressful.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, how stressful is it to decide whether to give your number or not? But, if she’s currently thinking about something that scares her, makes her angry, or makes her sad, then a bad pick-up line will feel more like an annoyance than a compliment or funny. And you are the one who said it, so she will be annoyed towards you, which will make you much less attractive to her.

By engaging in a conversation about something in her immediate surroundings, for example, you are not asking her to shift too far from her thoughts. It will feel much more natural to focus her attention on you and have a conversation, so she won’t get annoyed by you and resist your advances or block you out. And when you do get around to asking for her number, she will be more likely to want to reconnect with you after a decent conversation.

3. You Show Off Your Maturity

Men who can start a normal conversation with a woman appear more mature than men who use cheesy pick-up lines. A guy who gives some ridiculous line comes across as the type of guy who has not had much experience with women and who is going to be sitting on the couch in his parent’s basement playing video games, drinking, and smoking weed.

And, if the pick-up line is really dirty, it could paint the picture of a man who regularly uses pick-up lines on women and has the potential to be a cheater. A mature, good woman is not going to like either of those visuals. She will want a mature, good man.

When I picture a mature man, I picture one who knows how to be polite and interact in the world outside of his home. I picture a man who has the whole social interaction thing down to where he doesn’t have to resort to cheesy pick-up lines to get a woman’s attention.

If you really want to make your maturity stand out, get a buddy to approach a woman you like with the cheesy pick-up lines and then approach her with something more mature. You will be refreshing after seeing someone like these guys.

4. You Show Off Your Confidence

A guy who uses cheesy pick-up lines doesn’t sound confident. He sounds like he’s reaching for something to make a big splash with a woman because he knows he can’t do it with his natural wit, so he has to take a page out of the 101 pick-up lines book to do his work for him.

When you can use pick-up lines in a way that engages a woman you like and shows interest in her, you look much more confident in your abilities to impress a woman! We all know that’s an attractive quality that women like.

5. It Gives You A Chance To Highlight Yourself In A Positive Way

Let’s say you approach a woman who obviously loves animals. By using a harmless pick-up line that focuses on animals, you are giving her a chance to talk about something she loves, but you are also giving yourself a chance to show off your knowledge or compassion for animals. It gives a woman another reason to want to get to know you more, and it will help you stand out in her mind – as if you are highlighted.

Why does that matter? The chances are good that woman you are trying to pick up gets hit on a lot with cheesy pick-up lines. You want to stand out in her mind to differentiate you from the rest of the men who approach her, and a harmless pick-up line will do that!

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