5 Reasons Persistence Pays Off When Trying To Find A Compatible Woman

Making The Choice To Be Persistent

Making The Choice To Be Persistent

I’m talking about being persistent in finding a woman. I’m not talking about persistently bugging, calling, text, or stalking a woman who is not interested in you in hopes that you will change her mind. Because that will never work! You will just annoy her more if you are too persistent.

One study found that the more attracted you are to a woman, the more you typically believe she is attracted to you. And that usually results in you overestimating her interest, which can lead to well-meaning, but annoying persistence. (Something to keep in mind guys!)

But, pursuing a woman who is not interested is the only time that persistence is really a bad thing.

When it comes to finding love, playing the field, or simply finding someone that you enjoy being around, persistence is the key.

Too many guys write me emails about how they are just going to give up because there are no women out there for them. I know that if they do, then the chances of getting out of that ‘I’ll never find a woman’ state are very low and, guess what, they will likely never find a woman.

Want to find a woman. Then be persistent. Following are 5 reasons why.

1. The More You Do, The More You Increase Your Chance Of Success

This is simple math. Sit on the couch, guarantee yourself no success. Get up and get out there, increase your chances of success.

Persistently looking for love, dating, or just approach women will help you increase your chances for success in the long run. Not only will you get more dates, but you will get more chances to be rejected and fail with women, which will help you eliminate what doesn’t work and tighten up your game.

2. Your Motivation Stays High

When you are persistent towards any goal, including finding a woman, then you stay motivated to keep going. Your desire stays high, which keeps your motivation high.

Motivation is the key to taking action on what you need to do to align yourself up with the type of woman you want. That may mean changing your attitude, perception, habits, or behaviors. But without motivation, you will stay the same person getting the same results.

3. No More Regrets

Have you ever wished you had done something more when it comes to dating? The key to never having to experience that again is persistence.

When you are persistent, you don’t let opportunities pass you by.

You don’t give up simply because it seems too hard.

You go for it, do what you can, and feel good about yourself even if you end up losing out.

Because at least you tried and don’t have to wonder or live with regret.

4. Persistence Changes Your Situation

Even if you don’t find the perfect girl right away, your life will change.

Everything changes with persistence because that is the very act of being persistent – you constantly move towards your goal on a path with different obstacles, turns, and twists. You have to adapt or you won’t make it!

And as you adapt, your life will change in small and even big ways.

5. Persistence Makes You Stronger

Some people feel the problem with persistence is that you will come across failure. I don’t. Failure is not something that weakens you. It is something that makes you stronger.

Every time you fail and keep moving, you gain strength in your ability to persevere, and that makes you much stronger than anyone who gives up in the face of failure.

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