3 Steps To Find The Perfect Woman And A Long-Lasting Relationship

3 Steps To Finding A Perfect Woman

Every man can quickly find a woman to date if they lower their standards. But, it’s not the way to find the perfect woman and a long-lasting relationship.

If you want to find love that stands the test of time, it will be some work – BUT it will be worth it. True love makes you feel great about yourself and your life, and it can promote good health and happiness and motivate you to strive towards more success.

So, how can you find a woman that’s really a good match for you?

Step 1: Get Clear On Who You Want

How can you find the love of your life if you don’t know what she looks like? Writing down exactly what you want in a woman will help you find her in a couple ways.

  1. You WILL start to see more of who you want: Have you ever noticed that when you focus in on something, you see more of that something? For instance, when you start to think about your dream car, you see that car everywhere you go. It’s like everyone decided to get that car suddenly and the road is covered in it. But, it’s not the cars that have changed, it’s your focus. You are clear on the type of car you want, so that is what you see. It works with women too. Try it!
  2. You stop accepting women you don’t want: When you get clear about who you want in your life, you are less likely to accept a woman who doesn’t make you happy. Tony Robbins has said that we tend to choose the option that is less painful. This is called the pain and pleasure principle. We will do anything to avoid pain. When you start to see that accepting the wrong woman in your life will be more painful than waiting for the right type of woman, you will have an easier time moving on from women that just don’t fit your requirements.

You probably know a lot of what you want already, but to get really clear – think of your relationships and what you don’t or do like in people. Write down what you really do want, and make sure that you also get clear on what you really don’t want.

Step 2: Get Rid Of Your Limiting Beliefs

Every day I hear limiting beliefs from guys who are having a hard time with dating and finding a woman who they really want to be with.

Every single day.

Limiting beliefs are the beliefs that limit you from having the life you want. They are not beliefs that are really true – you just think they are.

For instance:

  • No woman would like a guy like me
  • I will never meet a woman
  • There are no good women anymore
  • Love sucks
  • Love is hard

When you work on getting rid of these beliefs, you will find that things start to change. Your self-esteem will increase, you will start to do things you normally wouldn’t do, and your luck with dating will change.

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Step 3: Get Rid Of Any Desperation

If you feel that you have to find a woman or you are NEVER going to be happy without a woman – you are desperate.

If you feel like you can’t live without a woman in your life, you are desperate.

You are so desperate that you may even accept some loser woman into your life who doesn’t make you happy – which, by the way, is the WORST way to find real love and a long-lasting relationship.

One of the best ways to stop feeling desperate to find a woman is to get serious about what you want and not accept someone into your life until she matches what you want, which you’ve already done in step 1. You’ve made it clear who you want, so the need to find an awesome woman will overtake the need to find any woman.

Another way? Start feeling good as a single guy. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have in your life trying focusing on everything that you do have.

Remember what I said about focus? When you change your focus, you will start to see more of what you are focused on. So, simply paying attention to one or two things that you really enjoy about being single can help you discover new things that you enjoy about being single. I’m not saying that it will make you want to be single forever, but it will help remove the desperation to find a woman.

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