One Trick To Stay Positive As You Search For ‘The One’

How To Stay Positive While Looking For Love

You have to stay positive to be the man that the woman you would want…would want. Got it?

I know how it feels. It is hard to stay positive when you find woman after woman who is not the right fit. Or, possibly not find any woman at all. Looking for true love is a tough part of life’s journey sometimes, and whether you have been looking for a few years or a few decades, staying positive can go out the window if you don’t do this one thing.

Are You A Bitter Guy?

I get comments and messages from a lot of guys who have turned very bitter towards finding love. Moreover, they are bitter towards woman in general.

Now, the question is, how are you going to find the one when you are holding bitterness towards love and women? How can you possibly expect yourself to really allow a woman into your life when you are full of doubt, anger, fear, etc?

You can’t!

Women Are Not Looking For A Negative Guy

“Strain causes a person to be cognitively, perceptually and emotionally impaired…” CNN 

No woman is walking around looking for a guy who is negative and angry about love and women.

Women are looking for a man who will make them happy and provide value, fun, and support to their life. That is why a life partner is all about.

So after you meet a woman, she will assess your potential to be a good partner (because she is not looking for a bad partner).

She will take into consideration your emotional state, the way you talk, the way you act, the way you move, and the way you interact with other people, and she will quickly decide if you are going to make her life better or worse. If you are going to make her life worse, the chances are high she will sense that and become uninterested quickly.

And, even if she does give you a chance and goes on a few dates with you, or possible gets into a relationship with you hoping that things will change, there is a good chance that she will break up with you eventually when the negativity has finally outweighed the good things that she likes about you.

So, if you are mad because women will not look past your bitterness, then you need to really step back and think about it.

Would you want to date you for the rest of your life?

You Have To Stay Positive

You have to stay positive if you want to find love.

You have to believe that you are worthy of love and that there is a woman out there who will love you for who you are.

So many men say, “I can’t stay positive because of…” and then they fill in the blanks with sad stories about how women have been mean to them and mistreated them.

Those men are letting those women control their life.

They are letting those women control their emotions, their habits, their outlook, and even their ability to get other women.

Those men are NOT in charge of their own life. The women from their past are.

The Trick? Take Charge Of Your Own Life!

This is the one trick to stay positive as you look for ‘the one’.

Become the captain of your ship and direct it in the way you want it to go. Don’t let the women from your past direct your life (your only life) into the rocks.

Take charge of your own life.

How can you do this? The answer is so simple, yet so many people overlook it.

You have to take control of your thoughts.

The way you think will affect your beliefs, habits, and future.

Bottom line.

There is no way around it.

If you keep thinking negative thoughts, you are never EVER going to be in charge of your own life. Negative thoughts come from past negative experiences, which means you are carrying around those past experiences with you day after day after day after day…

Yes, You Can Change Your Thoughts

You can stop negative thoughts in their tracks with a few tricks. This doesn’t mean you will stop having negative thoughts. It just means you will deal with them and move on from them feeling good instead of angry.

Check out the video below to listen how Noah explains it. He gives you some tricks to let go of negative thoughts and dissociate from the anger, hurt or whatever you are feeling.

You do have the freedom to choose the future you want and become in control of your life. 

Nobody can be happy when they are constantly walking around with negative thoughts. It is impossible. Luckily you have the choice to change things up simply by taking action on your negative thoughts and incorporating more positive ones in.

Subliminal Affirmations For Taking Charge Of Your Life?

Positive affirmations are definitely one way to change your thoughts, but not everyone has the ability to say them to themselves This is why I love subliminal affirmations. They are said to you subliminally, enter your subconscious, and help you transform your negative thoughts to more positive ones.

You Can Download Two Free Subliminal Positive Affirmations From Subliminal Guru Here.

So, if you want to stay more positive as you search for the one, take charge of your life, get out of the past, and start thinking positive thoughts that make you into the man that any woman would want to be with.

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