Not Sure You Want To Get Into A Relationship With A Woman?

Not Sure If You Want To Get Into A Relationship With Her

Have A Ton Of Questions?

Are you questioning whether or not you want to get into a relationship with a woman? Maybe she has a past that you don’t agree with, or she has some quirks that you are not sure about. Maybe you are wondering whether or not it work out or if she will break your heart. Maybe you are just not sure if you want to be in a relationship or not.

It can be hard to decide whether to move forward or not. But the truth is that nobody but YOU can tell you whether or not you should really pursue the relationship.

The questions you are asking yourself may not be helping you make your decision. If you ask the right questions, then you will have an easier time deciding whether or not you should move forward into a relationship.

Am I Trying To Predict What Will Happen?

Are the faults you are finding in her or your future relationship with her valid, or are you just coming to a conclusion on your own? For instance, you may feel that she is going to play you and hurt you, but is that really going to happen or are you just worried that it is going to happen?

So many times we don’t allow ourselves to move forward because we are coming to our own conclusions about what is going to happen. But the truth is we have no idea what is going to happen!

The relationship might be great! It might work out well and be full of fun, enlightenment, or even great sex. It may even be the one relationship that supports and nurtures you until you die.

If you find that you are creating a future that hasn’t really happened yet, then you may be judging her and your future with her unfairly. Remove the predictions and see how you feel then.

Can’t I Just Take This Slow?

Why does the future relationship with her have to be a huge deal? Are you treating this woman as if you are going into battle with her and not sure if you picked the right partner to go forward with?

Honestly, just enjoy the moment and let it unfold as it will.

Don’t worry if it is going to be bad in the future. If it is bad, then you will have the choice to get out of the relationship and move on. But, until that day comes, why not take it slow and just appreciate her and the relationship you are forming, and see what happens without expectation, judgement, or fantasies.

Is This An Experience I Want To Have?

Every relationship has its purpose. If you are drawn to this woman for some reason, and a part of you wants to pursue her and get to know her better, then this may be a relationship worth checking out.

I strongly believe that our inner-self knows whether we should have an experience or not. And, our inner-self knows whether or not that experience is going to benefit us in the long-run.

If you are not someone who listens to their inner guidance, then try this technique: Go to a quiet place and relax…you can even do this before bed. Be still, focus on your breath, and remove as many judgement and fears as you can. Then ask yourself if you should get into a relationship with the specific woman you are thinking about. Chances are you will either feel light and excited or you will feel heavy and dreadful. When you feel light, the answer is yes, and when you feel heavy, the answer is no.

For me, I feel heavy in my stomach when the answer is no, and light in my chest when the answer is yes.

Don’t confuse feeling nervous with feeling heavy. You are going to be a little nervous about what is to come. Nervous feels like butterflies in your stomach.

Why You Should Open Up Your Intuition And Ask Your Question – Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Is The Creator of Love or Above

The truth is that asking questions to yourself, not others, will help you listen to your own inner guidance and make the right choice.

Whatever decision you make, go forward and look forward to the experience that you are going to have, whether it turns out great or not.

Am I Just Scared?

Have you been hurt or screwed over and now you are scared to get into another relationship? If yes, then that fear will hold you back from getting into a relationship with anyone until you let go of it or move past it.

There are a ton of tools available for you to practice moving past fear and going after something that might be good for you.

For instance, you can picture the worse-case scenario and the best-case scenario and allow them to dissolve your fear.

  • If the worst-case scenario is a breakup, is that really all that bad?
  • If the best-case scenario is a great relationship that makes you happy, is that not worth it?

Make your life the one you want it to be without fear dictating how you will act or behave, or who you will get into a relationship with.

What You Need To Know About Your Fear

Elizabeth Gilbert Is The Woman Talking

Ask The Right Questions

In the end, you have to ask yourself the right questions. You can ask friends, family, and strangers all you want, but you are the only one who knows if you want to get into a relationship with her or not.

If you feel that the answer is yes, then great! Go forward into the relationship without heavy expectations or worries. Don’t over-think things and make things worse than they are. Enjoy the experience because it will be an important part of your life, whether it turns out good or bad.

If you feel that the answer is no, then great! Even if there are some good things about her, you may feel that this is not the right time for you to get into a relationship or she is not someone who you really want to get into a relationship with, and you are respecting your own desires and needs enough not to pursue it. Good for you!

Just don’t let fear or anxiety hold you back from getting into a relationship with a woman. If you really feel that she is someone worth getting to know better, push past the fear and make the decision to experience whatever is to come.

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