Not Every Woman Wants Kids In This Life So Don’t Expect That Desire

Not Every Woman Wants To Have KidsThe other day I was watching a video where a man had just a had a baby. He exclaimed that the only way to be truly happy in life was to have children. I was blown away that this guy, who has a huge following of young and impressionable people would put this thought out into the world to confuse some people even more than they are already confused (especially women who feel pressure to have kids but may not want to have them). His opinion was from his experience, but it was just that…an opinion. It was not the truth for everyone. If it was, then people who take an oath of celibacy would be unhappy, and I can’t imagine that nuns and priests are not happy.

The Myth About What Women Want

I want to set the record straight about this myth about all women wanting a fairy tale wedding and 3 kids to take care of. It is not true. Not every woman is looking for a man to settle down and have a family with.

  • Some women don’t want kids.
  • Some women don’t want to get married.
  • Some women don’t want to date men!
  • Some women are going to spend their lives focused on other things.

Not every woman lives by the stereotypes set out for them. 

Women and men are different in some areas of life, but in their decisions to have children, women and men are not different. There is no burning need to have children in all women – some women are simply not born with that paternal instinct, and some women would rather focus on other things in their lives like their husbands, travel, career, etc.

Maybe long ago there was the burning need to have kids in order to procreate and fill up this world, but the world is full enough and there is no reason for every woman to have a kid.

The fact is that since women have been given a choice to do what they want with their life, they are taking it. There are many well-know women who do not want kids and they don’t seem to be unhappy to me.

I Did A Quick Poll On Yahoo Answers To Show That It Is Not All About Kids With Non-Famous Women Either

Some women don’t have the desire to have kids because they don’t want to ruin their body. I hear this a lot. Some women may think it’s selfish, but other women totally understand this next response considering body image is such a huge issue with women.

want to have kids

Some women just don’t want kids of their own because they feel it is selfish when there are so many children who need parents in this world. And some just don’t want to go through labor. Whatever the following woman’s reasons are, she is in this group.


want kids in life


Some women just know that they don’t want to have children without having to excuse it in any way.


want kids


Some women know exactly why they don’t want to have children and they stand by that reason.


Do you want kids

I got a lot of answers to this poll in the short half an hour that I was writing this blog post, and it was a half and half mix of responses, just as I expected. A lot of women are passionate about having kids while a lot of women are passionate about NOT having kids.

Don’t Approach Women With Stereotypes

My main point is that you can’t approach women with stereotypes in mind. Not all women are headed down the same path in life and want kids in it, and if you want kids you can’t expect that every woman is going to also want them.

Therefore, when you meet a woman you like and start to date her, you should at least talk about important life decisions such as kids, marriage, and future plans. If you are both on different paths in life it will be better to find that out sooner than later!

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