My friend hits on my girlfriend

My friend hits on my girlfriend is a situation that you should never be in. If this is happening to you, I want you to know how genuinely sorry I am to hear this. Yes I may be a female, but I can assure you that I definitely do understand where you are coming from. To be entirely honest with you, I have been in this situation in the reverse; I have had female friends hit on my boyfriends in the past.

I wish that I knew then what I know now, because when it happened I would always make excuses for everyone. I think I was in denial and I was too soft to really deal with the situation, the way that I should have. I am happy that this happened in the past, because I would ever allow it to happen to me now.  I honestly would never tolerate this happening to me ever again. I can also assure that I am no longer friends with my friends who hit on my ex’s, not even on Facebook.

Help my friend hits on my girlfriend

Your guy friends should really know better than to hit on your girlfriend. It shows a complete and utter disrespect towards you. I know that in many cases when this happens guys will have a tendency to pass it off as a joke. They will hardly ever own up to and be accountable to actually hitting on someone else’s girlfriend, let alone their friends girlfriend.

You will need to decide what it is that you want to do about the situation. All I can say is that you should not allow this keep happening, as I am sure that it ends up making you extremely angry and uncomfortable to say the least.

My friend hits on my girlfriend

How does your girlfriend behave?

When your friend hits on your girlfriend, regardless of if it is in front of you or behind your back, how does your girlfriend behave? When asking the question for help with regard to, my friend hits on my girlfriend, how she reacts is very important. You need to determine if she is in any way, shape or form encouraging this behave.

Did she come to you immediately when this happened? Did she tell him straight away to go away? Did she put him in his place immediately? You need to discover the answers to these questions as they make a huge difference.

If you girlfriend acted in the correct manner and you are sure about this, then the person that needs to be dealt with is your friend. In all honesty I don’t think you should be his friend anymore but that is just my opinion.

In many cases I understand that this guy may have been your friend since childhood. Your parents may be friends with his parents and cutting him off may not be that easy. If this happens to be the case, then you will need to confront about this and let him know that you will not tolerate this happening again. You also can make a rule that he is not allowed near her at all, because of the way that he has behaved.

Tread carefully

You will need to tread very carefully in this situation, as you can’t excuse his behavior. On the other hand you can’t blame your girlfriend if she is innocent. You can risk losing your girlfriend and your friend, so you will really need to think carefully about the way that you want to handle this.

Thing to look at definitely should be, your girlfriends loyalty towards you, and your friends loyalty towards you. The truth is that you may need to end up choosing between the two. Even if this is not the girl that you are going to end up marrying, can you risk this happening again with the girl that you may end up marrying?

This is a very careful balancing act, and your actions will say a lot about who you are as a person and your character. I really don’t suggest that you should just let this slide and shake the guy’s hand. I also wouldn’t believe him for one second, if he says that he won’t do this again, because after all the fact that he did this in the first place is bad enough.

If your girlfriend really loves you, she will also do her best to handle this in the best way possible. One way to determine if she is being honest with you or not, is asking the question, is this is the only time this has happened? If she claims this has happened with other friends of yours, then you need to be careful but if she says it is just this particular friend, and then you should trust her. I hope can find a solution and never be in the situation again of my friend hits on my girlfriend.


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