How To Make The Most Of Love – Mathematically Proven

Make The Most Of Love: Hannah Fry Quote

Who really gets the most responses on online dating sites? Are there millions of women out there waiting for? How can you avoid a divorce? Well, if you do the mathematics of love, you may be surprised – and it make help you make the most of love.

Hannah Fry is a very interesting woman to listen to. Her focus is on finding connections between human interaction and mathematically described systems. In the following TED talk, she discusses the mathematics of love in 3 different areas, including online dating, when to pick the perfect mate, and how to avoid ending up divorced. It is well worth a listen if you are looking for love and are interested in the numbers behind it all.

The Mathematics Of Love

I just got to say: The following video really gives a new meaning to how many ‘fish in the sea’ there are for you to choose from. (You can find out more about that at about the 10:50 mark!) But, make sure you listen to the whole thing. It goes by fast, but it will add some insight into your dating and relationship life.

3 Key Points From The Talk

Online dating is not a beauty contest where the most attractive win – despite popular belief. It’s actually good to have some people think that you are ugly! You get more messages and more people reaching out to you. Therefore, when you pick a picture, don’t pick the best of the best. Instead, pick one that shows your differences so that you can play the field and get more responses.

Who will make you the happiest? And when should you settle into a long-term relationship? Well, even though Hannah showed that the math does have a sweet spot for when you should pick someone to settle with, there are exceptions to the rule. While the mathematical strategy of picking someone just after the 37% mark of your dating life has proven to be the best strategy, the perfect woman may come along the first time you date someone or just after you pick the woman you want to settle down with. But, don’t live in regret or wondering what could have been once you make your pick. Stick with it and make sure you use the following tip to help it last.

How can you avoid a breakup or divorce? Basically communication is important. When you allow your partner to complain/vent and work through issues with you, and vice versa, this can improve your chances of having a successful relationship. Therefore, have a strategy to resolve any issues – big or small, and go to bed with nothing left unsaid. That is the best way to avoid a breakup or divorce.

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