Magic Of Making Up Review: Why This ‘Get Your Ex Back’ Method Has Been Popular For Years

Magic of Making Up ReviewI know how painful it is to break up with someone you love and then realize that you made a huge mistake.

I also know that many guys realize that they want their ex-girlfriend back, but don’t know how to do it. That’s why I really wanted to do a Magic of Making Up review.

The ‘get your ex back’ book has been successful for as long as I’ve been writing online. In fact, I think it was written in 2007.

I knew that there had to be a reason why so many people are drawn to it when they want their ex back. So, I got it, read it, and here’s what I have to say about it.

In my opinion, this book offers the only plan to get back your ex-girlfriend that will really work.

Too many people do all the wrong things to win back their ex and then end up going through a crappy relationship or a nasty breakup with them again. This book will help you get your ex back and have a good chance at making it work for the long run.

You can click here to check out some videos by TW Jackson (the guy behind the book) as well as some important insights, or you can keep reading my review.

Insight Into The Magic of Making Up

I thought the best way to show you what the book is about is to break it down chapter by chapter.

There are 8 chapters.

Following is what each chapter covers.

Chapter 1: Learn why your relationship ended and why it may not be over yet

There is a section devoted to why men check out of a relationship and one to why women check out. When you understand the ‘why’, you will understand more clearly what her motives were behind breaking up with you (which is where you will understand the real ‘why it may not be over yet’ answer).

Chapter 2: The key to winning back your ex’s love

This is a good chapter to read if you feel anxiety around getting your ex-girlfriend back and want to know why and how to deal with it.

That anxiety can be a relationship killer, and learning how to move through it, get calm, and build a solid plan for getting your ex-girlfriend back may be the one thing that stops you from ruining a future relationship with her forever.

Speaking from experience, the Magic of Making Up hits this point on the head. It really is the key to getting your ex back in a way that will ensure your future relationship with them starts out on the right foot and is strong.

Also, you will learn a technique that will help you get over the pain you are feeling. That comes in handy after a breakup!

Chapter 3: Finding out where you stand in your relationship

This is kind of a reflection period. I often say that it is easier to look back on the relationship with an objective mind when the emotions have passed, and that is exactly what this chapter talks about.

Chapter 4: Get a plan to reignite the desire and passion you had

In this chapter you will learn some interesting (and effective) tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend to want you back again. It pretty much guides you on what you need to start doing right now if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back.

Chapter 5: Learn how dating other people can help you get back together with your ex

Just as it sounds, you will get some insight into why dating other people can actually be a good thing to get your ex-girlfriend back. If it’s been a while since you dated, this chapter will also help you gather up the courage to just do it.

Chapter 6: How to put your relationship back together the right way

This is where the real fun begins. All the insights you’ve gathered from the previous chapters help you get to this point. This is the part of Magic of Making Up that is really about making up with your ex-girlfriend!

You will learn what you need to do, no matter how your ex-girlfriend reacts. There is even an instant reconnect technique that I know will work, because I’ve had it done to me!

Chapter 7: How to keep your ‘new’ relationship fun and on track

If you want your new relationship to work, you are going to have to put in some specific effort towards making the relationship fun and healthy – this chapter will help you do that.

Chapter 8: What to do when you and your ex just can’t work things out

It happens…you get back together and you realize that you are not really meant to be together. If that is the result, then this chapter will help you move forward towards a life of happiness for yourself and your future relationships.

Who Will Benefit Most From This Book?

This book is for people who are willing to take their time to get back their ex the right way. It is for people who really want to use a method that works to get their ex back, and will do the work required to do so.

People who are impatient and want their ex back tomorrow may find some insights in this book, but if you are not willing to put the Magic of Making Up’s plan in place, then your chances of getting your ex back and having a healthy relationship are very slim.

If you don’t put this plan into place, and instead do what your emotions are driving you to do, then the chances of scaring off your ex-girlfriend for good or having a lot of issues right from the beginning and breaking up again within the near future are high!

This is why the Magic of Making Up is so good. It gives you a concrete and proven plan to win back your ex and have a happy relationship, which happens to be the opposite of what most people put into practice after a breakup.

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