The Love Of Your Life Gone? You May Be Able To Get Her Back!

Man lost love of his life. Can he get her back?

I realize that there are some single guys out there that are not going to be able to move forward from a breakup easily. They may have done something stupid or realized (too late) that the girl they broke up with was actually the love of their life!

It happens! Hindsight is a bitch!

The Bad News

There is a chance that you can get the love of your life back; a chance…not a guarantee.

If you have really screwed it up, and your ex-girlfriend has moved on from you emotionally as well as physically, then you may not be able to win her back.

Moreover, if you have tainted your image in her eyes by doing something horrible to her, she may not take you back even if she still has feelings for you.

The Good News

Most guys don’t screw up so horribly that they can’t win their ex-girlfriend back.

Your ex-girlfriend will still have some sort of feelings towards you, because feelings don’t go away within days, weeks, or months after a breakup. And, if you can reignite her passion towards you, then you have a chance at getting her back.

You have to do a few things though:

1. Let her get over her anger

After a breakup, she will be angry at you. No matter what you do or say to her, she will not let go of that anger or hurt and you will not be able to win her back. What does this mean? You have to give her time!

Don’t worry.

She will not lose all feelings towards you. She will just start to push the bad memories to the back of her mind and be more willing to push the good memories back to the front of her mind. In other words, you have a better chance of getting her back if she is thinking positively about you, so wait for her negative emotions to die out a bit.

2. Don’t Do Anything Stupid!

If you want her back, don’t do anything that pushes her further away. This includes:

  • Stalking her
  • Talking bad about her
  • Trashing her stuff
  • Lying to her
  • Having relations with another girl

If she really is the love of your life, this won’t be that hard to do!

3. Read A Good Get Your Ex Back Book

You can jump around from book to book, forum to forum, article to article, to find out how to get your ex back, but all you need is a really good book that has really good ideas. Jumping around causes confusion, while sticking to one really good book and using the tactics inside will help you get your head on straight.

Once you are done the book, follow through with those ideas. Don’t read something else that makes you question what you are doing. Stick to what you believe will work and keeping moving forward.

There are many get your ex back books. Try the Magic Of Making Up which has stayed popular since its publication for a reason – it works! (Read my review of it here.)

4. Stay Committed To The Process

  • There will be times that you wonder if your efforts are working.
  • There may be a time where you see your ex girlfriend talking to another man and want to lose it on her and him.
  • There will be times that you feel like you are losing the battle.

But getting the love of your life back is a process, not an instant gratification thing. You have to work through the process (highs and lows) in order to get to the end. You can’t expect things to be perfect instantly…but you can expect to reach your goal if you keep moving forward.

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