Is Emotional Intelligence For Women Only?

Having Emotional Intelligence: Compassion

The other day I wrote an article about why single guys guys should boost their emotional intelligence. It seems a lot of guys associated the word ’emotional’ with a feminine characteristic and are totally against the idea that they need to increase their emotional intelligence at all.

Here’s the problem with that – we all have emotions! It doesn’t matter if you are a man, a woman, or something in between – if you are a human, you have emotions, and how you use those emotions will impact yourself and the world around you in a very negative or positive way.

What Else Is Emotional Intelligence Good For?

Emotional intelligence is not only essential for attracting women and having healthier relationships with them. It also provides a healthy basis for all your relationships, including friends, family, co-workers, and strangers.

In addition, having emotional intelligence could get you that promotion, shoot you up the ladder in your company, or help you keep your employees happy and willing to do their best for you.

In fact, Google is dedicated to its employees having emotional intelligence. According to this article, over 1500 Google employees (Googlers) are going to go through emotional intelligence training this year – and thousands more are waiting for their chance. The course is called ‘Search Inside Yourself‘.

One of the creators and teachers of the course, Chade-Meng Tan, did a TED talk. In it, you will find out who the happiest man in the world is, how they found he is the happiest man, and why he was measured as so happy.

Some Insights From The Talk

Compassion, which allows you to see outside of yourself and develop a desire to do good, is not a chore. It is fun and easy and makes you happy. You simply have to re-frame it as something that is fun. Just like you have to re-frame it as a human reaction, not a solely female or male reaction.

Compassion is not just good for relationships and peace. It is also an important aspect of good business.

In fact, the best leaders have the ability to empathize and understand. And they have the desire to want to help. Meng said humility and ambition are two traits of great leaders. And those traits require emotional intelligence.

Humility is often looked at as a bad thing, but, in my definition, it simply means not seeing yourself as the most important aspect or person around. It’s being able to see the importance of everyone else too, and this can really help you interact with people in a way that pleases both of you.

And when you add ambition to that, you start to work as a group (society) and get things done for the greater good.

Emotional Intelligence Should Be A Part Of Your Business

This kind of awareness can help the workplace flow better. Not only does it create better leaders, but as Meng says, it can cause employees to inspire each other.

That reminds me of another place where this kind of mentality seems to be rampant – Mindvalley. And guess what? Just like Google, they are achieving success and expanding in positive ways.

If you are an online businessperson, or have a desire to spread a message, you will appreciate Mindvalley’s philosophy and desire for the greater good.

What Mindvalley is doing is exactly what Meng was saying in his TED talk. In order to promote compassion, you have to think about how to service the greater good.

How Can You Increase Your Emotional Intelligence?

Meng mentioned a bunch of different things including:

Personal growth: Developing self-awareness, self-mastery, empathy, and compassion. I have found that the more you work on your personal growth through reading, actively searching for answers, or just allowing new concepts to mull around in your mind, all of those four things develop on their own easily.

Getting a more focused mind: Learning how to create a mind that is clear and calm. (In fact, he said this was the foundation for emotional intelligence.) Meditation is great for this. For me, the Silva Life System was the start of taking control of my mind, instead of letting it take control of me and my emotions.

New mental habits: In the talk, Meng mentions creating a habit where you look at others and want them to be happy. Imagine what doing that will do for your thoughts? If you look at a stranger and wonder how you can make them happy, you will see them in a really interesting light, and YES, this will be very beneficial when it comes to attracting women.

Emotional Intelligence IS Good For Men

I hope you can see that emotional intelligence is a good thing for yourself and all of your relationships.

It won’t make you more feminine. It will just make you a better person who contributes more to this world and has more success in life.

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