3 Reasons Your Intuition Can Help You Attract And Get Women

Follow Your Intuition To Attract And Get Women

Follow your heart. Follow your hunch. Let your insights guide you. Listen to your intuition, it knows exactly what you need. These are all things that you have probably heard, but have you put them into action?

The truth is that you probably haven’t. Not because you didn’t hear your intuition sending you its messages, but because you didn’t want to listen to it. You knew that if you did, then you would have to take some sort of action that was uncomfortable, and without a guarantee that everything’s going to be okay, who wants to do that?

For instance, your intuition may have told you to approach a woman on the bus or train. Instead of acting on it, you may have thought about all the things that could go wrong: her not talking to you, people assuming you were a pervert, or simply getting rejected. In short, your intuition had a good idea, but before you could agree with it, she got off the train, you got off the train, or someone else approached her.

So, why would you want to start listening to your intuition? Well, I can think of some pretty good reasons when it comes to attracting and getting women.

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1. Your Intuition Often Knows The Right Answer First

When it comes to attracting and getting women, there are a million questions you probably ask yourself, including:

  • Should I change my hairstyle?
  • Should I attend a seminar to help me develop my self-esteem?
  • Should I approach that woman sitting alone at the bar?
  • Should I start going out more?
  • Should I start going to different places to meet women?
  • Is what I’m doing really working for me?

Your intuition often has the right answer before your critical mind does.  In fact, one study showed that healthy participant’s actually knew the right way to go intuitively on a biological level, despite having the ability to make conscious choices.

How do you know if you should go for it or not? It’s simply a matter of listening to your intuition and then making a choice based on what you feel. You will either feel good or bad instantly, and you can use those feelings to guide you in the right direction instantly as well.

2. Your Intuition Isn’t Based On Fear

Your intuition comes out of a ‘knowing’ place instead of an experience-based place. Often you just ‘know’ to make a decision, or it feels right and exciting, but you don’t know why.

If it feels good enough, and you decide to ‘go for it’, you don’t waste time thinking about everything that could go wrong or has gone wrong, and you get the opportunity to discover whether or not the choice will impact you in an awesome way!

Not following your intuition ensures that your thoughts and fears are going to make the decision for you and that often means you will avoid doing it.

For instance, your intuition tells you to approach a woman, but you don’t follow it. Instead, you think about every time you have approached a woman and been rejected, and that pain and embarrassment start to become a very real feeling inside of you.

The longer you think about it, the more the fear accumulates, and before long you couldn’t approach her even if you wanted to. Your fear simply won’t allow it.

If you had just listened to your intuition, then things would have been a lot different!

3. There Is A Good Chance Everything’s Going To Work Out

I can say this from experience! When it comes to complex issues, the times in my life when I’ve made a decision intuitively, I’ve had no regrets. But, when I’ve mulled stuff over, and then came to a decision that often had a slightly different path than I would have taken intuitively, I’ve come to regret the decision.

There have been a few studies that showed that complex matters had a more favorable outcome when the decision was made without a lot of thought. Complex matters in the study included decisions about homes or cars, but as far as doing things to attract and get women, there are a lot of complex matters that could benefit from an intuitive decision!

Complex is defined as consisting of many different and connected parts, whereas as simple is defined as composed of a single element. When it comes to approaching women, talking to women or making choices about your life that could impact your attraction with women, it’s obvious that complex is a better-suited term!

Your Intuition CAN Help You Attract And Get Women

The bottom line is that your intuition is always talking to you and has your best interest at heart. It may not be very loud, however, because your critical, analytical, and fearful self may be talking much louder than it!

If you want to learn to listen to your intuition better, there is a course, called Positive Intuition, which teaches you exactly how to do that. In it you will learn how to tap into your intuition for all your decisions in life (because it is important for success in all areas, not just with attracting women).

And if you don’t take the course, at least try to tune into your intuitive voice more. Make a few decisions here and there based on your intuition, see how it works out, and let those outcomes guide you towards more success with women.

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