Interview: How A Friend Turned Into A Lover

Interview on finding love

Yesterday, I published the first post in a series of interview posts on being single and finding love. I enjoy writing blog posts, but I think that interviews with real men is powerful for inspiration and motivation.

As I said in the last interview, changing your belief system is important to having the success you want in any area of life, including dating and fulfillment, and one of the best ways to do that is to hear how other people have gone through what you have and how they came out from any struggles in a positive way.

Gaurav Kumar

Today Gaurav Kumar from is the featured man in the interview. His website is focused on helping other people monetize their websites and business, and he writes how to articles, reviews, news, and motivational tips.

You can find him on Twitter here or Facebook here.

Q. Talk About The Struggles You Went Through As A Single Man

Being single has its own merits and demerits. When I was single, I had a feeling that I was not meant to be loved by anyone. Or maybe everyone only wanted rich guys to fall in love. There was no one to motivate when feeling lonely, no one to relax me at home, and no one to say I am there for you no matter what.

Q. At What Age Did You Finally Meet Your Current Girlfriend or Wife?

I met her at the age of 24. I never thought that she would change my world into a heaven on Earth. I never thought that someone I thought of as a good friend would be my one and only someday.

Q. The Story Of How You Met And Fell In Love?

It was not expected and I was not thinking about love. The day I met her first time was the day when I came office. She was new and she was sitting next to me. I never thought that she was interested in me, but I liked that she cared about everything I did and was concerned about what I should do.

Her motivational skills and all the little things about her made me feel awesome in her company. We spent almost a year as friends, then on the day on my birthday she let me know how she felt and she shocked and surprised me. I couldn’t understand why she would fall in love with me, but I knew that she was the one and that I would love her for my entire life.

Q. Any Advice For Single Guys Looking For Love?

The only thing people should understand is that they usually ignore the person sitting next to them and waste time looking here and there. Always look close and see who cares about you the most, who takes care of the smallest things for you, who makes you happy, who loves to spend time with you, who listens to you all the time and wants to listen to you even when you are not saying anything.

If you find all these qualities in one person, then that means she is your one.

Thanks Gaurav for sharing your story.

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  • Thank you for featuring me and my story. I strongly believe that real love is always around you all you need to do is to open your mind to see what nature is offering to you.

    • I agree Gaurav. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for that Story. When I read the title I had to read the rest too. Friend into Lover? I was not disappointed.

  • Julia Wilder

    I am a great fan of Gaurav`s work and what I learned here is inspired me a lot. I was thinking that love is just a game which men play on us. But after reading his story I believe that there are some men which care about the feeling and emotions of a woman.

  • William Smith

    I have never learned about he love story of founder of easkme anywhere else. It is really interesting to know how a successful entrepreneur became a lover.

    Thanks for sharing.