How To Create Interesting Conversation Topics For Your Next Date

Having An Interesting Conversation On A Date With Unique Topics

A good conversation is very important on a date. We all know that your first and second date (and sometimes even your fiftieth date) can be awkward when you have nothing to say. For great conversation, you need to be engaging and get a discussion going where you can both discuss your viewpoints and branch off into other topics as well. And, one of the best tricks I know of to find topics for conversation is to watch interesting, dumb, or crazy videos and pull some topics from them.

Following are some videos that can help you start off a weird, unique, and interesting conversation that will stick out in your date’s mind for a long time to come. In other words, she will think about you often!

1. Bizarre Theories

The following video by Good Mythical Morning (Rhett and Link) discusses some theories that people have that will definitely get your date talking about what she thinks. Not only will you have some topics to talk about, but you will have some interesting people to talk about too.

A few of the topics up for discussion:

  • Is the Earth actually flat? Is everything we know about the Earth a conspiracy?
  • Is the Earth hollow? Is hell actually in there? Is there a way into the middle of the Earth?
  • Is walking on the Earth barefoot healing? Do you think it would heal serious diseases? Why?
  • Can you live just on sunlight? And if you could, why the hell would you want to when there is so much delicious food everywhere?

Watch the following video, and get inspired for your next date to see just how many theories you and your date can come up with on your own.

2. Talk About The Ocean

Everyone loves the ocean, but how often do you talk about it on a date? Probably not a lot, unless you are talking about vacations and sitting on the beach. The information in the following video will not only start a conversation worth having, but it will make her smarter too, and when you make people smarter, you make them happier. That’s just a fact.

A few of the topics for discussion:

  • What the ocean floor is like? I just picture a bunch of sand…what do you picture? Lost cities? Mountains?
  • What’s under the seafloor? Probably never thought of this one. You will be surprised when you hear what scientists have found, and it will give you a ton to talk about.
  • Can there be pools of water inside the ocean? What is your theory on them?
  • Undiscovered whales in the ocean? I believe there is a lot that we haven’t found yet or don’t know about yet in the ocean. What about you? Your date?
  • Deep-Sea Gigantism. Why do some animals grow so big in the deep waters of the ocean?

3. Craziest Thing You’ve Ever Convinced Someone Of

The following video is of a brother trying to convince his sister (who is high after her wisdom teeth were pulled) that there is a zombie apocalypse happening. He pulls out some pretty good tricks to get her to believe him, and her reaction is a little bit of disbelief combined with annoyance and fear.

A few of the topics for discussion:

  • What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever convinced someone of? Did they buy it? Did they react differently than you expected?
  • What would you do if a zombie apocalypse occurred? If you think that this won’t get the conversation going – believe me, everyone has or can develop a theory on what they would do!

4. What Haven’t You Tried Yet?

We all love food, so it is a good topic to start a conversation on a date. But, what should you talk about?

Some people haven’t been raised on unhealthy food, like most of us have, and because of that, there are many things that they haven’t tried. They haven’t eaten sugary cereal, gone to McDonalds, or drank coke! I know, crazy, right? But, the fact is that some of us just don’t do what others do.

I remember when I was younger, my diet was a big topic on dates. I’m a vegetarian, so it was always a hot issue when I went to order something off the menu with no meat.

A few of the topics for discussion:

  • Here’s something about me that is unique when it comes to food. Go ahead and share!
  • Is there something unique about you when it comes to food? Just don’t make fun of her or put her down for anything she ends up sharing with you.

This could really get the conversation going in a bunch of different ways that are not only fun, but educational as well. You will learn things that you may never have learned otherwise.

Never Had Sugary Cereal

I can’t imagine you could give a kid sugary cereal and they wouldn’t like it. These kids pretty much live up to my expectations.

Never Had McDonalds

What will they like? Why or why not? Find out…

Never Had Coke

I like coke, so I was surprised at these people and what they thought of the taste. I suppose it is like smoking… when you are doing it – it doesn’t taste that bad, but when you don’t smoke, it tastes like an ashtray.

5. What Would You Do For Your Friends?

Friends are another good topic for a date. Not only can you get some insight into how they treat the people they love, but most women enjoy talking about their friends. So, bringing up this video and then asking the question, “What would you do for your friends?” is a unique way to bring friends into the conversation.

A few of the topics for discussion:

  • Would you let your friend drive your brand new car?
  • Would you lend them your house for a date or some other crazy reason?
  • Would you give them all your money if they really needed it?
  • What would you do to make your friends happy?

Now You Can Easily Start A Conversation On Your Next Date!

If you get stuck for conversation topics on a date, use this technique. Find some interesting videos, pick one or two to talk about on your date, and then create a conversation around it! You will never be stuck for something to talk about again, and you’ll be talking on your date for hours.

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