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You Can Write A Love Note, But How About A Love Letter?

The more you know, the more talents you have, and the more hobbies you pursue, the more interesting you are. Sure, you can do a few things really well, but when you broaden your insights and abilities, you become someone who can hold your own in any conversation (because you always have something to add) and showcase awesome talents that people didn’t know you have at the perfect time for a great impression.

Best of all, being a man with a lot of talents can attract all kinds of women with different interests. You could attract Rachel, who loves a man who can cook for her, or you can attract Colette, who loves a romantic man who can write love letters to her!

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Writing Love Letters – How Can It Help You Be More Attractive?

Obviously I love to write. I know that words have the ability to evoke emotions in other people – good and bad – and they have the ability to make someone instantly like you more.

So, when David suggested that writing love letters was a great way to stand out and attract women, the idea made complete sense to me!

Sure, it’s cool to text that new flame a dozen times in that first half hour after your first date with her, but to really win her heart, learn to write something deep and meaningful.  Something elegant and flowery.  Something that takes her for a ride on the wings of a romantic vision, stoking her passion and making her bite her lower lip gently as she reads your voice into the sweet words.

As more and more romance is conveyed via barely decipherable text messages, the lost art of the love letter has been all but forgotten.  Nevertheless, love letters can still be effective, and given their scarcity these days, their effect can be the game winner.  David Leonhardt

Isn’t that the truth!

How many guys do you know that can write a great love letter? In fact, how many guys do you know that can write a great text?

Writing in a way that evokes powerful emotions is becoming a lost art when communicating with someone, but you can totally learn to write great love letters and blow a woman’s mind with how romantic, thoughtful, and awesome you are.

What Are Classic Love Letters?

Creating A Love Letter: How To Stand Out And Attract Women

I’m sure you could send a love letter through email. But to me, classic love letters are written out on paper because they are a personal declaration with a personal touch. And, to be honest, that’s just what you picture when you think ‘love letter’

A romantic email is an email.

The great thing about love letters is that they’ve never changed over all the years. No matter how much emails change and texting changes, love letters stay the same. There is no way to shorten a true love letter or abbreviate a word into a emoticon…you just pour out your heart and tell someone exactly what you want to say to them.

Think love letters have to be cheesy? They do not have to be written with words or phrases that are commonly used. In fact, they shouldn’t be! You want to add your personal touch to it, so if you are not someone who would say a word like ‘fluttering’, then it may not be something you want to say!

Of course, if her love ‘gives you wings’, then go ahead and write that! If it’s truly how you feel, it will come across as sincere. But, sincerity is the key.

How Can You Tweak It With A New Woman

Obviously if you just started dating a woman you don’t want to be confessing your undying love to her. It could scare her away. But, you can still write a nice love letter that conveys your feelings and lets her know how much she means to you.

This is especially true if you need to pull out the ‘why date me’ card. If she has other guys in her sights, then you can write her a nice (not too intense) love letter that tells her why you like her, why you want to pursue a relationship with her, and why you are the guy that she should be with.

I guarantee she will keep that letter tucked away somewhere – and whether you work out or not, she will use it as a reference to her future boyfriends when talking about romance.

Why Bother Writing A Love Letter?

1. It is unique: Not many guys are going to write a letter to a woman to tell her how they feel. But, if you have the choice between flowers, perfume, or chocolates, a love letter is going to be unexpected and a nice surprise.

2. It is personal: Not only is it being written by you, but you can add little things like doodles or side notes to really make it personal. Check out the love letters written by Frida Kahlo (which are expected to auction off at $125,000). One of them seems to portray what she wrote in a drawing, and that adds more personal touch to the letter – especially since she was known for her portraits.

3. It requires a lot of thought: Every word you write in a love letter will require thought. When you give her the letter, she will know that as you wrote it you had her on your mind, and that thoughtfulness is super sexy!

4. It shows off your romantic side: Whether you are just starting to date a woman or have been with her for years, writing her a love letter shows her that you are a romantic at heart. Have you ever heard a woman complain about her man not being romantic enough? Probably! Women love romance! They love a man who understands how to make them feel cherished, wanted, needed, and loved.

Yeah, But Love Letters Are Embarrassing!

That’s kind of the point!

A good love letter is one that you wouldn’t want your friends discovering.

It should say things that help her understand exactly what you think of her in a way that you may not be able to verbally confess.

In fact, that’s one of the beautiful things of a love letter – you can write what you may never say in a million years!

Where To Learn The Art Of Love Letters?

Read classic love letters and get a feel for what really reaches out to people and ‘stirs the soul’.

For instance, Love Letters of Great Men: The Collection of Love Letters Drawn from by Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex in the City”contains a collection of love letters that millions of women wanted to read. MILLIONS.

If someone else’s love letter moved those women, think of what yours can do when it is written specifically for a woman!

Of course, you can always hire a ghostwriter to create a love letter for you, using your thoughts and feelings, and learn from how they put it together.

Or, just search Google for ‘write love letters’ and go through each and every result to learn as much as you can.

Trust me, when you have a way of expressing yourself properly through the written word, women will see you as a romantic, and that is going to attract a lot of women.

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