How To Impress A Woman At Work

how to impress a woman at work

Want To Make Her This Impressed?

The man I am with is a man I worked with. He won me over with his charm, charisma, and kindness. We worked at a hospital together, and he is the single biggest (and best)  memory I have of that hospital. Why? Because he impressed me at work.

Is there a woman that you like at work? Use the following tips to make an impression on her and stand out from the crowd.

Do Your Job Right

I don’t care if you clean floors or save lives; when you do your job to the best of your ability you earn the respect of good women around you and, face it, you stand out among the crowd of men who complain, throw tantrums, and slack off at work.

Many men think that being goofy and non-caring is the way to look badass to a woman at work, and it is – but women only like behavior and attitude in a sex buddy or friend, not a man of their dreams. In other words, if you want to know how to impress a woman at work that you want for more than just a night or two, you need to act more like the man of her dreams.

The man of her dreams will be able to handle responsibility and finish tasks that they take on. He will take pride in his work, because that will be a good indication of how much pride he takes in himself and his reputation.

If you are looking for love, then it is important to know that most relationships that form at work, as opposed to other places, are more likely to result in marriage. And a woman wants a husband who is stable and gets things done.

So, if you have your eyes on a woman and are interested in something more than a fling, but you hate your job, make plans to get a better job, then do your job right and show her that you are a big boy who can handle responsibility and takes pride in your reputation.

Have Eyes Only For Her

Let’s face it, at work we are around a lot of people that are attractive to us. But if you want to get the attention of one woman, you don’t want to get the attention of every woman in the workplace.

Gossip has a way of letting everyone know if you are a player, and if the woman you like thinks you are a player she may not risk getting together with you for fear of being hurt or embarrassed in front of her coworkers.

Don’t be a player at work:

  • Don’t date a ton of women at work
  • Don’t flirt with a ton of women at work
  • Don’t check out women’s asses as they go by
  • Don’t look at women’s boobs

But, if you find a woman you do like, then it is okay to let her know you are interested by flirting with her and enjoying her company. She will get the hint very quickly, and because you are not doing it to every other woman around, she won’t let fear stand in her way.

Make Her Feel Good At Work

I looked forward to coming into work because I was going to see my man. Of course, he wasn’t my man then, but he was the one person that made me smile, laugh, and feel good about myself every time I saw him. This is really just a simple trick that will help you attract women.

A woman is going to want a guy who makes her feel good…it’s just that simple. So make sure you make her feel good!

  • Listen to her when she is having a bad day.
  • Make her laugh when she is stressed out at work.
  • Help her out when she needs help.

Do what you can to make her feel good and she will feel good about you.

How To Impress A Woman At Work Who Is Higher Seniority Than You?

Is the woman you are interested in management or maybe even your boss? I want you to remember that even though she is higher on the work totem pole, and you may view her differently than your female coworkers, she is STILL A WOMAN!

A woman is a woman, and if you impress her by putting value in yourself and your work, having eyes for only her, and making her feel good about herself, then you have a chance with her.

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