I Picked The Wrong Girl

Are you a guy who keeps thinking, “I picked the wrong girl“? If this sounds like you, then maybe you should continue reading. As a female I am no stranger to my male friends coming to me and saying “help I picked the wrong girl”.  I have heard this more times than I can possibly count. I also have spent hours of my time trying to help different friends figure out exactly where they are going wrong.

Although I can’t help you pick the right girl, I can help you to further understand why you keep picking the wrong girl. There are actually some helpful tricks and tips that I can teach you, which may assist you in making better decisions in the future with regard to women. If you are able to start picking the right girls as opposed to the wrong ones, you will definitely increase your chances of relationship success.

Help I picked the wrong girl now what?

If you keep picking the wrong girls, there may be reasons for this. It is no trade secret that guys are physical creatures who are completely blinded by beautiful girls. In many cases the reason why you are picking the wrong girl may just be because you are going for looks first.

When you go for looks first, you neglect personality and personal characteristics such as honesty, loyalty and trust. In the future it is going to be within your best interest to try dig deeper, as opposed to simply going for the best looking girl that you can find. You are going to need to try and practice to not allow someone’s looks to completely overpower your decision about them. I know that this is going to be especially hard, but it may be worth your effort to try.

I Picked The Wrong GirlYou only go for girls who like you first

I won’t forget the day that one of my male friends came to me and said “I picked the wrong girl, why does this always happen to me?” He genuinely couldn’t figure it out. I remember sitting with him chatting and having a drink. By the end of my first drink, we had both worked out what the problem was.

He only went for girls who he knew liked him first. He was actually afraid of rejection and he was picking girls based on his subconscious fear of rejection. He would never make a move on a girl, if he wasn’t certain that she liked him.

Many guys are in this situation and the problem with this is sometimes the best girls are the shy ones. The girl who you may be the most compatible with, may not always be the girl who is happy to let her feelings known to a guy, instead she may be the quiet girl at the back of the room that you don’t even notice.

If you keep going for the girl who makes the loudest noise in the room, then you should consider trying to change this. You could also try to step outside of your comfort zone and get to know other females. Remember that even if you do get rejected, it may be worth the risk. After all without any risk involved there is usually no great reward.

You don’t notice your patterns

If you look back at your dating history, you will start to see a pattern of the type of girls which you usually are attracted to. Sometimes the answer simply lies in identifying what your pattern is. You may need to also be open minded to changing the type of girls which you go for. If you are going for the same type of girls every single time yet you are expecting different results, then you may need to reconsider your strategy.

You should be willing to get to know different types of girls. If you remain open minded about dating new types of girls you may be surprised at how great the outcome could be. It is also highly recommended that you get to know a girl first before jumping into a romantic relationship with her. If you get to know her first as a friend first, you will be able to see what type of person she is and from there you will be able to determine if you are in fact compatible or not.

Another important factor to consider is not to allow your friends or family to push you in any direction. Instead of meeting girls with your friends present, consider meeting new girls on your own terms. There are so many wonderful dating sites and dating apps, that you really could meet as many girls as you wanted to, without anyone you know being involved in the process. I hope that you never have to be in the situation again where you keep thinking; I picked the wrong girl, why does this keep happening?

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